Revealed: These Are the Top Car Brands in the World

Consumer Reports has released its annual “Best Performing Car Brands” rankings. These rankings are followed by auto enthusiasts far and wide and are generally regarded as reliable and trust-worthy. And as is common in the auto industry, a slight slip in performance in those rankings can shift public perception towards a car brand significantly.

There has been a lot of shuffling this time around in Consumer Reports rankings for Car Brands. Many popular brands have suffered due to a slight deterioration in quality or features.


“Consistency is key” says Consumer Reports and the ranking methodology indeed considers all factors.

The car-maker ranking is based on Consumer Reports’ road tests, predicted reliability and owner satisfaction ratings, safety features, government’s crash test results. Features like emergency braking, forward collision warning as standard equipment and use of easy-to-use automatic transmission shifter and automatic shifting to “park”.

Actually, only one car met Consumer Reports’ gear shifting standards – the Ford Fusion 2017.

The Overall Scores were achieved after new cars from each brand were bought and tested. Brands with only one tested model were omitted.


The rankings take into account all of the above mentioned factors which include opinions, and score each brand for most of their cars on a point-based system.

The rankings saw a major shift from last year as Porsche takes second spot followed by BMW, while Audi takes the top spot second year in a row. The bottom of the table featured the stubbornly regular car manufacturers like Fiat, Jeep, Mitsubishi, and Land Rover.

Take a look at the complete ranking table alongside its score.

Instead of scoring satisfaction and reliability in numbers, they are indicated by graphical indicators from Better to Worse (Dark Green to Red). For example, the top ranked Audi, has above average parts reliability and owner satisfaction but an outstanding 86 point road test helps it achieve and overall score of 81.

Porsche, BMW and Mazda received a recommendation for all of their tested cars. 86 percent cars from Audi, Honda and Hyundai were recommended.

Tesla, the electric car maker, achieved its best rating so far and now stands at 8th position. It received one of the highest owner satisfaction ratings, showing the impact it has in the market.

Car Brands Available in Pakistan

Amongst those car brands which are either available in Pakistan or plan to launch their cars within a few years, Audi and BMW take the top spots. However, both companies offer luxurious vehicles, which are out of range for most people.

Amongst car makers for the average consumer, Kia beats the rest with an overall score of 74 and is ranked 6th. Kia plans to relaunch its vehicles in Pakistan soon. Honda comes in 9th with 72 points and Toyota stands at 11th with 71.

Hyundai is also set to make a comeback in Pakistan. It is ranked 12th with 70 points. Mercedes-Benz stands at 20th while Volkswagen comes at 23rd.

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  • hahahahahaahaah what a shit survey, subaur is on #5 while toyota is on #11,
    Seems to be that this survey was conducted by some patwari,

    Shit survey

    • I think whoever you disagree with you call them patwari…what name should be given to you?
      Konhay ka mandak ?

  • Where is SUZUKI!!!!

    According to pakistan, its Cash in Hand not a Car for driving, Shit Standards everywhere!

  • Can’t believe, KIA is on number 6. This survey clarifies how crap Pak’s Auto Industry is. They value Toyota and Honda 11 and 9 over KIA and Mazda 6 and 7… wow…!

    • If you don’t know KIA in 2016 achieved best quality award. May be you consider your “mistri’s” recommendations but such surveys are usually very processionally done.

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