Karachi Traffic Police Launches Online Ticket Payment System

Back in early 2016, Karachi Traffic Police launched its Traffic Violation Evidence System (TVES) in order to automate the identification of traffic law violators. Any violation of traffic rules is recorded through thousands of CCTV cameras in the whole city. The Central Traffic Police Office can monitor the video feed to register any violation and issue a ticket which is directly sent to the car owner’s doorstep.

The ticket consists of photographic evidence of the violation and other details related to the car, its owner and the fine.

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While the rest of the automated procedure was appreciated by the general public, paying the fine was still a hassle. It could only be paid at police stations with digital access or certain branches.

The city police has now resolved the issue by launching an online payment solution for ticket payments.

How to Pay Traffic Challans Online:

Traffic challans can be paid online by using the car’s book number and ticket number. All you have to do is go to Karachi Traffic Police’s website for challans here (epay.a2z.care) and click the “Pay Traffic Challan” button.

The next window asks the user to enter their book number and ticket number, click “I agree” and choose the appropriate payment method.

Traffic police’s payment website also offers a video tutorial to guide anyone who has issues in making online payments.

Payment Methods

According to the ticket payment portal, secure payment scan be made using the following methods:

  • Credit Cards
  • Debit Cards
  • Bank Transfers

Karachi Traffic Police’s web payment portal is powered by m-net and A2Z for making payments.

Final Words

It has been reported that automated ticket issuance has helped reduce traffic law violations, at least in areas where CCTV cameras have been installed. Considering the positive response to TVES, traffic police’s online payment solution will surely go a long way in making the whole ticking issuance process easier.

Similar e-ticketing solutions are underway in other cities of the country as well. By automating such processes, both, the traffic wardens and car owners, can avoid a lot of hassle. This can also help curb corruption in the traffic police departments.

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