JW Forland Receives Unexpected Response from Pakistani Auto Consumers

Pakistan’s auto-sector is finally moving forward. The Auto Policy 2016-21 and CPEC projects are pushing investors and vehicle companies towards launching new products in the Pakistani market.

Among these companies is JW Forland, which is slowly making its entry to Pakistan and trying to secure a share in the commercial vehicle segment. The company specializes in commercial vehicles at relatively cheaper prices. The company currently does most of its marketing through its social media accounts.


Car Makers are Not Following the Auto Policy 2016-21

JW Forland is gaining popularity and has reported decent sales. A competitor to Shehzore and Suzuki Mega Carry – two popular vehicles in the commercial sector – the company launched their Bravo 1 truck which has a loading capacity of a ton. The reason it’s expected to be a great rival is due to its powerful 1800cc diesel engine paired with modern technology. The best part is that it costs only Rs. 850,000, which is very affordable even when compared with a small Suzuki Ravi – which comes with minimal features and costs around Rs. 750,000.

Coming May 2018

JW Forland confirmed their entry into Pakistan and will start manufacturing and assembling their vehicles locally starting May 2018.

The company has already sold out its initial introductory units. The company has sold 50 initial import units of the Bravo 1 and has sold out Bravo 3 and Bravo 7.5 units. This is very favorable for the company, the fact that their initial units were sold promptly is a great indicator that they will have a significant market presence in the near future.

You can check out JW Forland’s official web page here.