Honda Pakistan Increases Car Prices by Up to Rs. 100,000

Automobile manufacturers in Pakistan are on a price hike spree as Honda Pakistan has increased the prices of its cars yet again. The Japanese giant updated the prices for a third time this year by up to Rs 100,000.

Honda’s top sellers including the City and Civic models and the emerging BR-V are included in the list that saw a spike in prices. According to informed sources, the reason behind the increase in prices is the recent devaluation of the Pakistani rupee against the dollar.

Honda has localized the assembling of cars. However, most of the parts are still imported. Any devaluation of the rupee results in higher prices of these parts. The increase of 1% in the import duty was also cited as the reason behind the price hike by Honda.


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The Updated Prices

Following models saw the increase in their prices:

  • Civic 1.8 I-VTEC: Price increased from Rs 2,499,000 to Rs 2,599,000 with an increase of Rs 100,000.
  • Civic 1.8 Oriel: This variant also saw an increase of Rs 100,000 with the new price standing at Rs 2,749,000. The previous price of the same model was Rs 2,649,000.
  • City manual 1.3L: This model saw an increase of Rs 30,000 after which the new price is set at Rs 1,729,000.
  • City 1.3L Prosmatec: The new price of this variant stands at Rs 1,869,000 after a Rs 30,000 increase.
  • City Manual (1,500cc): The 1.5L MT variant is now priced at Rs 1,789,000 after recording an increase of Rs 30,000.
  • City Prosmatec (1,500cc): The Prosmetic 1.5L AT variant of City costs Rs 1,929,000 after an increase of Rs 30,000.
  • City Aspire Manual (1,500cc): The Aspire’s manual variant now comes for a price of Rs 1,939,000 after Honda increased its price by Rs 50,000.
  • City Aspire Prosmatec (1,500cc): This automatic variant now costs Rs 2,079,000 after a Rs 50,000 increase.
  • BR-V MT: All three variants of BR-V mentioned here saw an increase of Rs 35,000. This manual variant of BR-V now costs Rs 2,134,000.
  • BR-V CVT: This variant now costs Rs 2,284,000 updated from the previous price of Rs 2,249,000.
  • BR-V S CVT: The CVT variant is priced at Rs 2,384,000, revised upwards from the previous price of Rs 2,349,000.

The new prices have already been made effective starting from 2nd July 2018. All the orders booked before 30th June will follow the previous prices.

Toyota, Suzuki, and FAW increased the prices for several of their models recently as well.