Is United Bravo Actually Better Than Suzuki Mehran?

The United Bravo has been in the news over the past few weeks because firstly, the Suzuki Mehran is being discontinued and it’ll one of the only cars below Rs. 1 million in Pakistan and secondly, it marks the entry of a brand new manufacturer in the country and people are hopeful that the monopoly of the big three will finally be at an end.

It is available for bookings in a number of dealerships already, however, you might not be able to get one right away just yet. The hatchback’s much-awaited arrival has some importance behind it, especially in our country.

The car will be the first to be locally sold close to Suzuki Mehran’s price segment, offering more features and comfort. It’s meant to overthrow Mehran’s two-decade old reign in the country’s auto market.

mehran vs united bravo

And according to our comparison, Bravo just might be the best new hatchback, with the best value for money available in the country. Feature-wise, it may even do better than some other, more expensive cars such as Suzuki Wagon-R.


United Bravo Launched in Pakistan, Here’s How it Compares Against the Competition

Unexpected Issues

However, you might want to stop and think a bit before ringing a United dealership. The reason is, the initial United Bravo units – the ones shown off in official dealerships at least – have a number of build quality issues. As seen in pictures that surfaced on the web, United Bravo has inherent quality flaws, that are even worse than Suzuki Mehran.

Now, we don’t know if all units will face the same problems, or whether or not the company plans on fixing these issues. You can see Bravo’s build quality in pictures below:

The car’s shoddy build quality, messed up paint, and poor assembly is pretty clear in the images.

United Motors, when asked about the matter, said that only the display units had those flaws and that the company will fix it when the car gets local production; meaning, the consumer-ready units that will be supplied to the customers won’t come with these problems.

According to other reports, the interior itself had a lot to be desired, with poor quality door handles and locks. Another local report says that the interior is so bad that it will “fall apart” after long-term usage.


Undoubtedly, the body is very cheaply built. Even though it does have all the new features, they won’t really make a difference if they just stop working after some usage. Still, we’ll only have to wait and see if the company actually fixes future units.

If you’re interested and plan on buying a United Bravo, we’ll advise you to wait a bit and take a look at a CBU unit before paying a dealership.

Oh and by the way, some dealerships are already taking orders and you can book one for yourself by making a Rs. 200,000 advanced payment.

Planning to buy a United Bravo? Do you think it’ll be able to live up to its mark? Feel free to sound off in the comments below!

    • ” only the display units had those flaws ” (well in that case jo dikhta h wo bikta hai, always the sample is shown with healthy worth magar yeh to yahan i fail hogaye and saying the in-line is good and jo customers ko supply ki jayegi will be far better than this. LOL

  • It seems like china mobiles …. having alots of features (double loud speakers, powerful battery) but durability & resale is ZERO…

  • one must think again because even in China no one was selling this piece of SH*T. only in the land of the pure this kind of stuff comes to surface. besides when you have 100 percent duty on local made cars you should never complain why cars are so expensive in Pakistan.

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  • What is the proof that these are United Bravo photos?
    All photos are taken so closely that no one will believe that these are United Bravo photos

    • Even if it is a real photo it could be the person taking the photo damaged the car before he took them. It could be a photo of an unfinished car or a display piece like they say in the article. There are many possibilities and one cannot put such shenanigans past Suzuki’s people.

      Pakistanis hate buying new brands. They always buy with resell value in mind. Suzuki may just be preying on these pre-existing prejudices like they, and the other members of the car mafia, have been doing for years.

    • If Propk will deliver such fake news so United has all powers to sue them in this, no one can fool people with lame news.

  • we are united & still be united with all these flaws – but still “Me teh united hi lesaa”!! :P :D

  • I might check out the car which roll out of the assembly line still but i question the united choice of going to the unknown company of china named as ”DAHE” which has zero reputation and even their website is a joke or doesnt exist, there are more than a couple of dozen of brands in china who are performing excellent all around the globe, and they chose this brand, why they had to select this particular offering is still the UNITEDs standard..

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