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CPEC Bus Lets You Travel to China for Just Rs. 13,000

A Bus Service for the China-Pak Economic Corridor (CPEC) was officially launched on Saturday. The service, named CPEC Passenger Bus Service (Pakistan-China) will start operations from November 3rd.

CEO, Muhammad Anwar, told reporters on Sunday that it will be a 30-hour long trip, and the passengers will get to enjoy the view of beautiful sights of northern Pakistan.

He also added that cameras have been placed inside the bus to ensure the security of the passengers.

According to the schedule issued by the authorized operator, the bus service will run four days a week from Lahore to Tashkurgan on the following days:

  • Departure from Lahore: Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday
  • Departure from Tashkurgan: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday

As per its itinerary, passengers can book their seats either from Lahore or Rawalpindi and Islamabad. It offers:

  • Premium and luxurious buses
  • Comfortable journey
  • Better en route services, that include breakfast, lunch, dinner refreshment beverages, tea, and snacks.
  • Fast Wi-Fi throughout the journey

Here is the detailed itinerary of the CPEC Passenger Bus Service.

Itinerary: Lahore to Tashkurgan
  • Departure: From Lahore: 12:00am
  • Stopover1: 04:00am – Islamabad/Rawalpindi (pickup)
  • Stopover2: 07:00am – Mansehra (breakfast)
  • Stopover3: 01:00pm – Besham (lunch)
  • Stopover4: 04:00pm – Chelas (tea)
  • Stopover5:08:00pm – Gilgit (dinner)
  • Stopover6: 02:0am – Sost (custom, immigration & breakfast)
  • Stopover7: 12:00pm – Khunjerab Pass, Pakistan side (checking)
  • Stopover8: 12:30pm – Khunjerab Pass, China side (checking)
  • Arrival: 03:00pm – Tashkugran County (drop-off)
Itinerary: Tashkurgan to Lahore
  • Departure: From Tashkurgan: 11:00am
  • Stopover1: 01:00pm – Khunjerab Pass, China side (checking)
  • Stopover2: 01:30pm – Khunjerab Pass, Pakistan side (checking)
  • Stopover3: 03:00pm – Sost border (custom, immigration & lunch)
  • Stopover4: 09:00pm – Gilgit (dinner)
  • Stopover5: 01:00am – Chelas (refreshment)
  • Stopover6: 06:0am – Besham (breakfast)
  • Stopover7: 09:00am – Mansehra (refreshment)
  • Stopover8: 12:00pm – Islamabad/Rawalpindi (lunch & drop-off 1)
  • Arrival: 07:00pm – Lahore (drop-off 2)

Rate List

The service informs passengers to book their seats at least a week before the travel. Here is how much CPEC Passenger Bus Service charges for the comfortable journey between the two countries.

  • One way ticket from Lahore to Taskurgan – PKR 13000 per seat.
  • One way ticket from Tashkurgan to Lahore – RMB600 (equivalent to PKR 11,475 under current exchange rate).
  • Return Ticket – PKR23000

Travel Documents Required

So if you are willing to travel to China, be mindful that you can carry a maximum of two pieces of baggage with you that weigh not more than 20kgs or you will be charged for extra luggage. Also, don’t forget keeping the following documents with you.

  • Passport
  • NIC
  • Valid Visa
  • Original Invitation from China
  • Ticket

    • I have been approached by my suppliers to visit their factory in china, they was willing to send invitation documents after which i can get visa, it is Targeted at business people who visits china regularly, now they can do it at affordable cost

      • surely it’s going to cost you more to travel from tashkurgan to wherever in china you really want to go? the country is massive!

        • Indeed you are right, in my case Shenzen is around 5,799.7 km from Tashkhuran about 67 hours if i travel from car ?

      • I doubt any businessman shall have the luxury to travel to Chinese border in 30 hours. Atop, he will need several more hours to get to his destination in mainland China. Business travel is time sensitive and can never be a leisure activity.

    • i guess valid visa is enough…
      according to air ticket rule, return ticket is necessary for business/visit visa and long term visa/student visa doesn’t need return ticket… no need of any invitation

  • This is great for business people the Pak China Border gets closed in winter. Why are they starting it from November ? Their website is also down!

  • چائنیز پاگل ہیں جو پاکستان سے جیب کتروں کو دعوت دے؟؟

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