Toyota Starts Ad Campaign Against Own Money on Cars

In a bid to abolish the practice of ‘own money’, Toyota Pakistan has started an advertisement campaign on print media saying that the users should not pay any premium for faster delivery of Toyota cars. The auto giant has claimed that the company has invested over Rs 12 billion to amp up its production capabilities and reduce delivery times.

The ad advised the Toyota lovers to never pay any premium on cars and make payments only to ‘Indus Motor Company Limited’. To save the trouble of paying own money, the users must book their new Toyota vehicles through authorized dealers instead of private investors and dealers.

The development came following the government’s step to cancel the registration of car dealers demanding own money. The latest ad read:

At Toyota, we are dedicated to providing all our customers with the highest standards of value and quality, which is why we recently invested Rs 12 billion in increasing our production capacity and reducing delivery time to ensure that you receive your Toyota as early as possible.

Despite being illegal, the practice of own money – Rs 0.3 million to Rs 0.5 million – on the booking of new cars, prevails in Pakistan due to the long delivery times. It is worth mentioning that this money is exclusive of the profit margins for dealers as they already receive their profits from car manufacturers on each unit’s sale.

Feature Writer

  • 12 Billion invest krny k baad kitny din mein delivery kr dety hein uy b likh dena tha ya takleef hoti ha ??? 7 months mein garri leny say lakh 2 dy lena wary mein ha

    • inn dealers ki waja se hi delivery late hoti hai kiun k wo book karwa lete hain bechne k liye warna delivery 2 months mei ho jaye

  • Toyota is just making people a f0ol… first they import body, engine and transmission from Thailand then later they assemble it… this whole exercise can take months…. they are simply hiding the fact this is not the way any successful car maker runs in the western world… they would had been sued for 6 month waiting time there…. someone is investing their cash for 6 month to get the car delivered they must see this as an investment rather than criminal act..

  • I read a Press Release from Al-Futtaim on the launch of 2020 Toyota Corolla which would be only Fuel Cell, and Hybrid means on EV battery. In view of Tokyo Olympics Japan has abandoned all cars on fossil fuel in Japan in 2020. What will be the future of millions of Cars which will not be produced, used, as environmentally hazardous?

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