Toyota Announces Price Hike for Corolla and IMV Variants

Due to the recent deprecation of rupee and the increase in inflation, Toyota Indus Motor Company (IMC) has increased the prices of its Corolla and IMV vehicles. The price has been increased for Corolla XLI, GLI, Altis Grande, Hilux, and Fortuner variants.

According to the notification issued by the company, the new prices will go into effect from 20th April 2019 but the people who have already booked their models will not be impacted.

The hike in prices ranges from Rs. 65,000 up to Rs. 307,100.

Given below are the revised RS for Toyota Corolla, IMV 1, IMV 3 & IMV 4 variants:

Corolla Prices

Variant Current Prices New Prices Difference
XLI 2,044,000 2,109,000 65,000
XLI AT 2,119,000 2,1884,000 65,000
GLI 2,229,000 2,1364,000 65,000
GLI AT 2,374,000 2,439,000 65,000
Altis 1.6 2,574,000 3,069,000 100,000
Altis 1.8 MT 2,957,9000 3,069,000 111,100
Altis 1.8 CVT 3,095,000 3,205,000 109,600
Grande MT SR 3,15,0400 3,260,000 109,600
Grande CVT SR 3,298,000 3,409,000 110,100


IMV Prices 

Variants Current Prices  News Prices Difference
Fortuner 4×4 Diesel 7,511,900 7,819,000 3,07,100
Fortuner $x2 Petrol Hi 7,038,900 7,299,000 260,100
IMV I 4×2 D/L 2,739,000 2,819,000 80,000
IMV I 4×2 STD 2,994,000 3,074,000 80,000
IMV I 4×2 U/S 3,024,0000 3,104,000 80,000
IMV I 4×4 4,199,000 4,329,000 1,30,000
IMV III DC STD 4,589,000 4,719,000 1,30,000
Revo G MT 4,859,000 5,009,000 1,50,000
Revo G AT 5,089,000 5,239,000 1,50,000
Revo V AT 5,409,000 5,559,000 1,50,000


The company will charge different prices for income tax filers and non-filers and even the freight charges will vary for different cities.

IMC has increased the warranty of all CKD and CBU products to 3-years or 100,000 km from 2-years or 50,000 km.

Customers can now extend the warranty by 1-year or 25,000km on locally manufactured Corolla variants by paying PKR 9,550 and for Fortuner owners, by paying Rs.38,000 (1.3L) or Rs.40,000 (1.6L and 1.8L) to have it extended by 1-year or 20,000 km.

Previous Hike

The last revision in prices by the company was last month when it increased the prices of Toyota Corolla and its variants, Toyota Hilux and its variants and various other Toyota CBUs.

One of the reasons for the increase was the 10% FED imposed by the government on locally manufactured cars with an engine displacement of 1700cc and above due to the Finance Supplementary (Second Amendment) Bill 2019.

Although the government has announced its intentions to remove the FED, the indication made by Abdul Razak Dawood, Advisor to the Prime Minister on Commerce, Textile and Industries, is yet to be completed.

There was another hike in Toyota car prices in November 2018.

  • Toyota’s different variants are not worth of wat they are being payed.
    It is only that you can compare the prices with INDIA.

  • Please ban Suzuki, Toyota and Honda, so these companies should know the real worth of the cars they make

  • Price mentioned against Altis 1.6 is not accurate as it’s not matching the difference amount. Please correct in the first table.

  • I was reading your article and found that new price Rs 2,1364,000 is invalid/incorrect. I think based on the difference shown it should be Rs 2,364,000.

  • There should be some check and balance on the number of times these auto companies can revise the prices. They are revising on their will. No one to ask them . They are a mafia. If the Hon Supreme Court can put a check and balance on the schools to limit the increase the fees then why cant these auto companies be brought to the same.

  • If we compare 2016 Prius with grande or Civic ..Prius is 1000 times better than both Pakistan cars whereas Prius and grande price is same in Pakistan…in this budget Prius will b 1000 times better choice

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