Pak Suzuki Offers ‘Courtesy Car’ as Replacement Until You Get Yours Repaired

How many times have you had to get your car repaired and did not have anything else available for your everyday commute? It happens all too often that you need to leave your car at the workshop for more than a day, and this causes all sort of problems.

Thankfully, Pak Suzuki may have a remedy for that, with their new ‘Courtesy Car’ service.

‘Courtesy Car’ offers a temporary replacement car for you. The customers will be given a replacement car while they leave vehicles at selective dealerships for service or repair.

Pak Suzuki’s official Facebook page made this announcement.

At the moment, the ‘Courtesy Car’ is available at selective dealerships only, the company said, without giving away the details of the selected dealers.

Since there are hundreds of Suzuki dealerships across the country; it is difficult to tell which ones will offer the service. You might have to visit your nearby dealers to make it sure.

Pak Suzuki’s new service is a welcome move from the company because sometimes, a repair can take days or weeks. Having a replacement car not only allows you trouble-free commuting; it also helps to build customer trust. Moreover, the service will be a trend-setter for the competitors which will ultimately benefit the consumers.

While the company hasn’t mentioned any names, we assume that mostly Mehran and Alto will be given as replacement cars.

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