PM Imran Orders to Launch An Online Vehicle Registration System

According to media reports, Prime Minister Imran Khan has issued directives for the introduction of a mechanism to register vehicles online in order to facilitate the public.

The information available states that the PM has ordered for an online mechanism be launched for online vehicle registration at the Department of Excise.

The interior ministry has been directed by the PM to launch such a system at the excise office of Islamabad posthaste, and have been asked to present an implementation report within 90 days.

The notification, released by the PM office, further directed the concerted parties to formulate an online system for token tax payments as well. Furthermore, it called for the introduction of online forms for online registration of cars.

All branches of National Bank of Pakistan have been asked to process fee submission of vehicle registration as per the notification.

The notification also included information regarding the establishment of a designated counter for special persons and launching an awareness campaign for the online registration system.

  • Yet IK has asked to launched another failed System like “Pakistan Citizen Portal”. I have 3 complaints pending there and never had any lice crawled on the ears of the authorities.
    What actually matters are those who are behind these systems, they don’t even know how to operate it and what’s next. If it has to be appropriate the requirement is intensive training from developed nations who possess expert skills in such Systems.

  • If PM needs to intervene in all day to day matters and no one else is looking in to these issues then the country is in trouble

  • Good initiative but will no work at all beacuse the government doesn’t do any homework for any project. Dam project failed, peshawar metro failed, cheap provision of basic necessities failed, 50,0000 homes poject failed. So far, no project has been successful. Keeping this precedent of faliure, online registration of vehicles will face a faliure too.

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