Toyota Pakistan Shuts Down Car Assembly Until Next Month

The auto giant and manufacturer of the Toyota cars in Pakistan, Indus Motor Company (IMC), has halted production for the rest of September. This step will bring the total number to 15 “non-production days” (NPDs) this month due to a sharp decline in demand.

An anonymous official at IMC said that Toyota had already seen 8 NPDs in July and 11-12 NPDs in August. There were a number of reasons for this including the imposition of the federal excise duty (FED), rise in prices due to devaluation of rupee coupled with customs duty on parts and raw material and high interest rates which made their cars out of reach. He said, in September, “half of the current month is off.”

The Toyota plant and nationwide dealership network, according to sources, has seen unsold cars pile up numbering 3,000. This month, the plant had been operating at 50% capacity. The news about the NPD from 20th Sept to 30th Sept has been validated by a Toyota vendor.

In July and August, the production and sales of Corolla fell to 5,308 units and 3,708 units from 8,804 and 8,770 units in the corresponding period last year, a fall of 40 and 57% respectively.

Toyota Hilux saw its production and sales fall from 1,383 units and 1,292 units to 793 units and 716 units a plunge of 42% and 44% respectively. Furthermore, the Fortuner saw its production and sales nosedive to 232 units and 162 units from 484 units and 424 units, a fall of 52% and 62% respectively.

  • They should increase prices some more.

    If even the cartel is suffering then what prospects are there for new entrants?

  • The anonymous official statements for production data, compared with spring 2019 when the prime official authorised franchise ready for entire production sold at bumper premium. Thanks FBR for the legitimacy FATF showing results. IMC never produced Corolla and others for the international standards, besides Safety which were most essential for the export of TMC. Today Pakistan due to Climate Change which is the most important subject to think and enforce in automobile today, today. More than 350,000 auto workers are un-employed in India, and same like in China because the autos are not made in conformity with Climate Change. Today the world unanimously talks, wants autos/cars, buses on EV, Hybrid.
    What IMC, TMC should do now? Comply with the Global Climate Change now? Djakarta city is sinking, hence it was decided to vacate the city at the cost of $32 billion to move Djakarta population at safe place.
    IMC, TMC should have produced cars compliant to international safety standards, and compliant to Climate Change? Climate Change is the heat which bring sea levels rises, ice melting bring seas, volcanic eruptions, earth quakes. Its time to pray Allah for mercy. Find your way to the truth. God bless.

  • instead of making the industries more profitable, the govt is destroying everything.

    lakin phir yaad aaya abhi previous govt wala excuse available hai

    • yes ever asked TOYOTA, SUZUKI, HONDA what were they doing in past 40 years ?
      why they haven’t install a single plant that can manufacture their useless and over priced parts? rather than giving excuses like Rupee devaluation they increased prices of their cars when dollar was going down all they have done is ASSEMBLE cars and looting people since last 30-40 years. their cars never had basic security features like air bags where they sold them in half the price even after currency conversion with all the security features in india well pakistani people are stupid like you so who cares lets blame some one else

    • You don’t think these auto manufacturers have made enough money selling overpriced substandard cars for decades?

  • Hey idiots, maybe think about lowering the prices of your overpriced substandard cars so people will think about buying them?

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