Pickup Mehran is the Latest Viral Sensation on Social Media

The Suzuki Mehran was the longest-running unchanged hatchback in Pakistan and reigned supreme for close to three-decades.

While officially it hasn’t undergone any radical changes aside from a few cosmetic ones; there have been growing unofficial versions from a limousine Mehran to a Mehran with gull wings and everything in between. Recently, social media has been alight with pictures of a pickup Mehran!

According to information available, the owner of this particular Mehran has converted the once hatchback into a milk transporting pickup.

In the pictures, it can be seen that the owner converted the top half into an open cargo bed. Interestingly, the rear doors are intact but merely for decoration purposes as the upper portion has been welded with the rest of the body.

The accommodate additional weight, the Mehran has been lifted, as can be seen above the rear tire.

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