Islamabad Traffic Police Fines 5,000 Car Owners for Using HID Lights

In recent months, the Islamabad Traffic Police (ITP) has taken multiple steps to help make the roads safer for the public, including the introduction of motorbike patrol squads and a crackdown against tinted windows on vehicles.

The next priority on the list is to stop people from using High-intensity discharge (HID) lights and in pursuant to this, they fined over 5,000 motorists for using HIDs. The ITP has taken this step to help provide a better and safe road environment across Islamabad.


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The ITP spokesperson said that multiple teams carried out road checking campaigns at the major thoroughfares across the city such as Expressway, Kashmir Highway, Margallah Road, IJP road, Murree Road, 7th Avenue and 9th avenue.

They even established special police pickets across the city to spot the use of these lights and at the same time, education teams were raising awareness amongst the people about risks involved in using these lights, he added.


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The spokesperson added that Farrukh Rasheed, Senior Superintendent of Police (Traffic) has ordered all the traffic officers to take strict action against the people involved in this illicit practice without any discrimination.

    • No vehicle comes with a factory fitted HID lighting system.
      Most of them come with LED lighting and that is very different from HIDs. I just hope Police can differentiate between two.

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