Swvl and Careem are in (Very Entertaining) Brand War!

We’re in an age where you pick up a stone and a brand pops out. Various new brands are emerging left and right and the internet is flooding with different marketing campaigns to lure new customers into using their products/services.

Gone are the days when a simple commercial was used to attract customers and promote services. With so many brands, businesses have to think out of the box for a marketing campaign that not only promotes their brand but also takes a jab at their competitors.

Brand Rivalry

Amongst all this advertisement chaos, one campaign recently stood out. Much like the ‘Papa Jani’ fiasco between Molty Foam and Diamond Supreme, a new brand rivalry has emerged!

Swvl, a bus hailing company, recently launched a marketing campaign for the shaadi season by giving out customized promo-codes to couples. The couple with the highest usage of the promo was to win a honeymoon trip to Dubai.

Careem Responds With Their Own Campaign

The marketing campaign was unique and a great way to promote Swvl’s inexpensive bus services. But what followed is something Swvl could not have imagined.

The campaign must have been successful because it got the popular car booking company Careem’s attention. In an attempt to stay ahead of the competition and downplay their competitors, Careem launched their own marketing campaign which was targeted at Swvl.

The campaign created a lot of buzz around the internet as people started comparing and commenting on the two videos. However, people actually preferred Swvl and their wedding campaign.

Shaadi is about family and for everyone with a large family, going together just adds to the fun. Swvl’s bus services are cheap and can accommodate a large group of customers whereas it would require about a lot of separate Careem rides to facilitate the barat crowd.

Competition Is Always Good For Business

It is fun to see these two brand battle for supremacy. This sort of healthy rivalry is good for business and pushes brands to think out of the box.

We for one cannot wait to see how Careem or Swvl responds next.

    • The purpose of article is to point-out benefit of successful marketing; customers are attracted to the brand and talk about it thereby creating a W.O.M. sort of chain of ads. Do you not remember Faisal Qureshi and his Ufone ads? It was more entertaining to watch these ads than those dramas’.

  • Careem’s shaadi campaign time is after 8PM,
    Ni kya ab bnda 8bj se phly shaadi v schedule na kry ?? and wait for careem’s 8pm time

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