Electric Car Sales Will Skyrocket in The Next 5 Years: Experts

As Pakistan looks to implement its first-ever National Electric Vehicle Policy, car analysts predict that auto companies in Europe are looking to make 2020 the year of electric cars.

According to reports, the number of EV models available in the European market will jump from less than 100 to 175 by the end of 2020 to more than 330 by 2025. Forecasts show that sales of EVs are also predicted to rise in the coming years with EV sales in the UK going from 3.4% to 5.5% of all cars sold by the end of next year. Another report shows that across the EU, 540,000 electric cars will be sold 2020, up from 319,000.

Although, some experts are skeptical thanks to the Dieselgate scandal in which Volkswagen and Daimler were cheating emission regulations. Even now, the car lobby has managed to get a rule implemented in their favor which says that one EV sold will be counted as two cars as it states that cars emitting less than 50g of carbon dioxide per kilometer are eligible for the so-called super-credits.

Julia Poliscanova, the director of the clean vehicles at the campaign group Transport & Environment said, “A lot of action has been postponed until [the carmakers] need it to happen” and added, “What they’re planning to produce is more or less what they need to hit their COtargets.”

It is pertinent to point out that fossil-fuel-powered cars will still sell considerably more than pure electric cars but this increase in the sales of EVs will help push their prices down as automakers fight for consumers beyond the early adopters willing to pay a premium.

Pakistan’s Nationa Electric Vehicle Policy will be beneficial in attracting foreign automakers and help boost the fledgling EV market in the country.

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  • lol
    Who are those experts?
    Govt. is not even able to provide the electricity to home users, how they will provide to vehicle?

  • you can’t compel the country to progress just by making a new policy. you have to deal with the hard things first like reducing red tape, fixing property rights and contract enforcement, reducing corruption and implementing the law, educating the populace and providing them with free healthcare. without doing any of these things the country will not progress.

  • Please make it fast and allow all importers to import electric cars despite filer / non filer but make their imported cars to be genuine. Low cost cars will boost our environment free of pollution fast.

  • Excellent piece of work by Pak Govt n Ministries to reduce Carboneous emissions by introducing the EV policy in 2020.But how will they would be able to provide electricity for charging batterys of EV’s when a unit of electricity is hitting Rs.15/KWH approx.Have they worked out the economics of Per Km cost for Electricity Vs Petrol/Diesel.Why dont the Govt starts up with 3 wheelers and then shift over to car n trucks etc.The car assemblers are also to be taken in implementing the policy /program.Happy n green environments

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