This New Car Seat Will Make You Feel Like You Are Walking While Driving

This New Car Seat Will Make You Feel Like You Are Walking While Driving

Design engineers at the Jaguar Land Rover, the British multinational car manufacturer, have come up with a car seat that not only comforts the riders but tricks their minds into thinking that they are taking a stroll.

Long journeys make one think that they are stuck behind the wheel while sitting in the same position for hours which also has detrimental consequences on a person’s spine.

The motivation behind the ingenious design is to both, comfort the passengers and minimize the effects of long journeys on the body.

Chief Medical Officer at the Jaguar Land Rover, Dr. Steve Iley, says:

The well-being of both customers and employees is always central to every technological research project. Jaguar has employed engineering expertise to design an innovative and futuristic seat that will help people all around the world.

World Health Organization (WHO) seems to be in agreement with Jaguar Land Rover as it claims that an inactive and lazy lifestyle increases the chances of developing cardiovascular diseases, chronic respiratory illnesses, lung cancer, and stroke.

Design and Working

The ‘Morphable Seat’, as it’s called, makes minor adjustments when a passenger sits on to it and gently moves their pelvis as it simulates the rhythm of walking. Meanwhile, small actuators under the seat’s foam padding move the hips as they would move while walking.


Although ‘Morphable Seat’ is an exciting addition to the car industry, customers might have to wait a few more years before they can enjoy driving in this innovative seat.

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