Punjab Excise Dept to Launch a Mobile App for Vehicle Verification & Payments

In a bid to facilitate motor vehicle verification, Punjab Excise and Taxation Department is planning to introduce a mobile app.

The app will help owners receive certified verification of vehicle registration instantly along with tax details – a critical step in the ownership transfer process.  Apart from this, they will be able to print the certificates and also pay for the verification through credit cards.

Presently, a person can only verify details through the department’s online portal. The information on the site is limited and has no legal value.


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Suhail Shahzad, Director General Excise and Taxation, Punjab said, “The new mobile application will provide information that will not only be verifiable but also will be legally valid and acceptable at the department.” He added, “The application will issue certified data.”

As per a survey carried out by the department, while there are multiple online portals that offer verification services including some that charge customers for this service, none are certified nor accepted by the department.

The application is being developed by the Punjab Information Technology Board and according to one official, “The application will not reveal the mobile number and address of the owner.”

“The application will provide information about first information reports (F.I.R.) related to the car,” he said.

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