Nissan is Killing the Datsun Go Project in Pakistan & Rest of the World

Nissan, the Japanese auto giant, has announced that it will be discontinuing the Datsun brand in Indonesia. Earlier, the company had stopped the production of Datsun cars and now the sales of these cars will continue till the current inventory is cleared.

The company decided to pull the plug on the brand after dismal sales from the entry-level brand with a mere 7,000 units sold last year. The decision fits in with Nissan’s global restructuring program that seeks to discontinue low-selling vehicles, slash capacity by 10% and this has already led to 12,500 job losses globally.


Ghandhara Nissan Puts Datsun Go Affordable Car Project on Hold

The Datsun brand in Indonesia included the Go, Go Plus and the Go Cross; a few years ago the company had announced that the Datsun brand will be phased out globally. This also makes the chances of the company coming to Pakistan almost zero.

There had been reports that Nissan will be bringing the Go, Go Plus and Go Cross to Pakistan after they were granted the relevant status under the Auto Development Policy but the move in Indonesia, lack of activity since given the status and reports of global restructuring point to the fact that they will not be coming here.

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  • It would not have any impact on Pakistani market as no player that has jumped in has introduced reasonably priced cars that could compete with the big-3 in Pakistan. Cars that are generally in the low tier price bracket world wide are priced above toyota’s and honda’s here. I suspect the same would be the case here in case Nissan had introduced its products. Please note that after Nissan merged with Reno, world wide its reviews for quality have taken a hit. So we basically have nothing to lose here.

  • The Nissan was in and out of the country.the brand itself has no issues it’s the lac of after sale service and spare parts availability.if Nissan wants to capture market this time they must have nation wide sale and service centres plus competent staff.
    In other word they have to invest this time in the market to get the name back.
    Now a days if they produce a budget car they have potential coz people are using all sorts of vehicles a good brand new vehicle with in budget and after sale is always a go go hit
    But it should be Nissan Pakistan rather than Nissan ghandhara

  • I think is not n good move from Nissan i own a Datsun Go Remix and i just love this car the price i paid and what i get is nothing to complain about.i still believe Nissan should Boost the Datsun Brand and not Close it down

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