Punjab Highway Patrol to Take Over Traffic Control in Rawalpindi Division

In an effort to tighten up the protocols against traffic rules violations, over speeding, overloading, and to ensure safety on the roads, the One-District-One-Road (ODOR) program has been introduced in all four districts of the Rawalpindi division. Enforcing the said program, will be the Punjab Highway Patrol (PHP) force.

The ODOR program has been brought to Rawalpindi due to its effectiveness in Sargodha and DG Khan.


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PHP officials shared with the media that the road accidents in Sargodha and DG Khan have been reduced by 40% during the pilot phase of the project. Sources at PHP stated that the motorists are now more careful in terms of following the rules due to the stern enforcement.

The officials also stated that the traffic police and the PHP will work jointly under the ODOR program, and that this program has been brought to the district by the “personal efforts” of the PHP Rawalpindi Region SSP Sajid Kiyani. They further added that those who violate traffic rules would not only be fined, but will face legal action and their vehicles will be impounded as well.


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Reportedly, in the initial phase, various highways and connecting roads shall be watched over by the PHP and the traffic police, including Mandra-Chakwal Road, Chakwal-Jhelum Road, Jhelum-Pind Dadan Khan Road, and Fateh Jhang-Kohat Road. Legal action wiill be warranted against those who are found over-speeding and/or driving overloaded vehicles.

The officials also told the media that they will also offer awareness to the motorists about the new program and the general importance of following traffic rules while driving.