48% Petrol Pumps in Lahore are Using Tampered Nozzles & Measurement Scales

In a joint inspection of 669 petrol pumps conducted by the Punjab Industries Department and Anti-Corruption Establishment (ACE) in the Lahore region, it has been revealed that the measurement scales or nozzles of about 332 petrol pumps were tampered with. The said number makes up about 48% of petrol pumps in the entire region.

Following the revelation, the inspection committee imposed a Rs. 3,729,000 penalty on these petrol pumps. Reports suggest that, out of 542 complaints received, 199 were resolved in the month of August, whereas 343 complaints are waiting to be processed.

As a part of this cleanup operation, ACE has apprehended 22 government officials who accepted bribes and gave a verdict on 1981 complaints out of 3,790 that were received last month.


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ACE also took legal action against 10 courts and known perpetrators in the case. Furthermore, the authority recovered Rs. 3.123 billion worth of illegally occupied lands last month, whereby Rs. 13.1 million was directly transferred to the government coffers, whereas an additional Rs. 690 million was transferred through the concerned divisions.


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Chief Minister Usman Buzdar has stated that the government will continue with a policy of zero-tolerance against corruption, to dispose off the corrupt elements from all sectors. He added that the government will rid the system of all forms of corruption by all viable means.

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