Punjab Govt. Awards New Contract for Lahore Metro Bus At A 43% Lower Rate

A joint venture led by VEDA AMAZA has won the bid for the procurement, operations, and maintenance of the Lahore Metro at a significantly lower rate.

According to Chief Minister Punjab, Usman Buzdar, Punjab Mass Transit Authority (PMTA) has agreed the new contract of Lahore Metro at a rate of Rs. 304 per kilometer.


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In September 2012, PMTA and Albayrak Group, a Turkish conglomerate and the current operator of the metro bus service, had signed an 8-year contract of Lahore Metro at a rate of Rs. 368 per kilometer. According to CM Punjab, had the contract been renewed at the same USD rate as 2012, the per kilometer rate would have been Rs. 532. Hence the govt has reduced the rate by almost 43%.

Albayrak Group had made a bid of Rs. 324 per kilometer to renew the contract for the Lahore Metro. However, it lost to VEDA AMAZA’s bid of Rs. 304 per kilometer.

VEDA AMAZA will take control of the procurement, operations, and maintenance of the Lahore Metro after 6 months. Till then, Albayrak Group will remain in charge of the Lahore Metro.

Previously, Albayrak Group briefed PMTA that Metro buses used in public transport across the world including Turkey have an average life span of 12 years.


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Since 2012, operations at the Lahore Metro project have remained suspended for almost 12 months on account of strikes, public holidays, and the coronavirus lockdown.

As a result, the buses of the Lahore Metro have operated for only 7 years and can remain functional for the next five years, allowing the exchequer to save significant financial resources.

  • Bhai math kharab hai ya awam ko pagal banay ke theka utha lia hai… 17% less lower rate hai 43% nhe….

  • Fake story
    Wrong content and misrepresented facts about CM
    Albayrak has lost the Bid to a Pakistani company named Veda Transit Solutions who offer 304 rate with NEW Buses
    It proves this site is nothing but rubbish contrent and malicious intended

  • Albayrak offered Rs. 324/Km in a bid but Veda offered Rs. 304/KM So, Veda won and Albayrak lost the bid. Later on Albayrak offered Govt. Rs. 213/KM if contract be extended for next 4 years but Now this News shows that Govt. rejects Albayrak’s offer of lower rate (In case of extention) and going to award VEDA.

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