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Here’s How Much Orange Line Metro Train Subsidy Will Cost the Govt

As per a recent report, the government has projected and decided to dedicate an annual subsidy of Rs. 5.62 billion for the Orange Line Metro Train (OLMT) project. Officials say that each train has a maximum capacity of 1000 passengers at a time and these trains will be able to cater to 250,000 people on a daily basis.

As per further details, 22 trains will do daily routes on the tracks. The route is 27 km long as it starts at Ali Town and goes all the way up to Dera Gujran, with one-way travel taking around 45 minutes.


CM Buzdar Reveals Launch Date for Orange Line Metro Train

There shall be 19 stations, to begin with, including Ali Town, Thokar Niaz Baig, Canal View, Hanjarwal, Wahdat Road, Awan Town, Shah Noor Studio, Band Road, Samanabad, Lake Road Chauburji, GPO, Lakshmi Chowk, Railway Station, UET, Baghbanpura, Shalimar Garden, Pakistan Mint, Salamatpura, and finally, Dera Gujran. The trains will initially run for 13 hours, from 7:30 AM to 8:30 PM.

During the inception, the service was planned to have 26 stations, 24 of which were to be located on the ground while 2 were located underground. Reports further suggest that the annual electricity cost is likely to be more than Rs. 1.9 billion a year.

In recent news, Punjab Chief Minister Usman Buzdar announced that the service shall become available to the public on October 26th, 2020. Also, it was revealed a day prior that the government has determined the fair rate for the service to be Rs. 40, which will remain unchanged for 6 months. Meanwhile, the government shall review the situation and revise the rates or introduce more slabs in the future.

Reports also state that the OLMT service has a combined Chinese and Pakistani staff of 3,668 employees, in which, there are 104 train drivers who have come from China to offer training to the Pakistani drivers. Once the Pakistani drivers are familiar with the systems, the Chinese drivers will go back to their home country.

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    • jo paise lag gaye hain wo zaya kar dain? think big we should improve this project.
      I say work on making it self sustainable and then connect all lahore with it .

      • It cost a huge amount of money just to make this 27km track. Imagine how much it would cost if we were to connect all of lahore with it. This project cannot be self sustainable–atleast in pakistan

    • Why it’s white elephant? Do you know how much Lahori’s spend on transportation? According to internal information these 250k people spend around 60B annually on transportation. And 1 more thing what are the options for public transport except Metro and Speedo, It’s the right of every citizen to have some basic necessity. Moreover it’s on electric and soon they are deploying solar for it and Orange Line have no carbon footprint, it’s a win win situation.

      • Your thought is highly appreciated…👍
        Surely,this service is for the benefit of general public.Being Pakistanis we should be proud of our leaders that such facilities are going to be launched in our country which will make our country prosperous and among the international ones. Hoping such facilities be launched in other big cities of Pakistan as well.. 😊

        • This was part of CPEC, further its subsidy is not going to make the country better and this will easily ruin the economy; by taking rides with 40 rupees per ticket! For 27km and current value of our currency did not need this kind of extravagant project. Hope to see it run with solar energy and with a profit, that is what will make our country prosperous.

          5.62 billion rupees as per HEC, we could give scholarships to 8567 PHD students annually….. I think that would have made us travel to moon within some years

    • You seems to be the Youthia with a Luxury car. But for your information 97 percent of Pakistanis don’t own any car and they need public transport. Someone should tell this stupid government and supporters that you don’t earn any money from Public Transportation projects. We are paying taxes and we deserve these services. All over the world urban transportation projects are financed by the government. They are not for profit projects and dedicated for the benefit of public.This project will benefit more than 30 Lakh rupees annually. So tell me spending 5 billion on 30 Lakh tax payers is wrong?.

        • @areeb you are a blind supporter of the ruling party. Your aim is to stop every project to make us Afghanistan. It is Pakistan’s first subway project. The cost of establishing any infrastrucutre is higher for the first time and then it goes lower afterwards. Also you seems to be living in a retired home in DHA as you dont know how dense this 27 kilometer track is. Lahore has 7000 people per kilometer. Then how come 27 kilometer track will help only 2 lakh people. Metro Peshwar is also 27 kms and youthias claim that it is helping 30 lakh peshawaris. But why same rule dont apply on Lahore.

          • First of all, this is not a subway project.
            Secondly, please explain how the cost will lower afterwards? Since you pretend to know a lot about economy. LOL,I wish i lived in DHA and if i was living in DHA, I wouldn’t have even bothered about this project.
            It is written is the article that it will help only 2.5 lac people.
            I don’t know about youthias but you uneducated patwaris are the real cause of the downfall of pakistan.

    • اسلام علیکم یہ ٹرانسپورپ پروجکٹ بہت اہم ہے لاہور کے لیے ایسے منصوبوں پر لوکل حکومتیں اپنے عوام پر خرچ کرتی ہیں تاکہ انہیں سفر میں آسانی رہے انکا ٹائم بچے وقت پر کام پہنچیں اس سے ملک وقوم کا وقت بچتا ہے پوری دنیا میں حکومتیں سبسڈائیز کرتی ہیں عوامی منصوبے مگر بد قسمتی سے ہمارے ہاں یہ شعور بہت کم ہے
      اور اس حکومت کے تو کیا ہی کہنے چور چور کر کے وقت برباد کر رہی ہے کام صفر یہ بسوں کے ساتھ کنکٹڈ منصوبہ ہے اس سے لاہور پنجاب اور پاکستانی عوام کا فاائدہ ہے اس میں جو خامیاں ہیں وہ عمران حکومت کسی نئے منصوبے میں بہتر سکتی ہے اور عوام کی شاید دعائیں بھی لے سکتی ہیں
      شہباز شریف کی کئی کمزوریاں ہوں گی لیکن وہ عوام دوست انتہک محنت کرنے والا لیڈر ہے اللہ تعالی اسے صحت دے آمین

  • Why it’s white elephant? Do you know how much Lahori’s spend on transportation? According to internal information these 250k people spend around 60B annually on transportation. And 1 more thing what are the options for public transport except Metro and Speedo, It’s the right of every citizen to have some basic necessity. Moreover it’s on electric and soon they are deploying solar for it and Orange Line have no carbon footprint, it’s a win win situation.

    • “LESCO informed the government that the Orange Line train will consume Rs. 25 million worth of electricity daily to run uninterrupted. This means that Punjab will have to pay an electric bill of a whopping Rs. 750 million every month for this ‘white elephant’ project that only serves on a 27-kilometer short track.”
      This will cost Rs 9B a year in just electricity bills. Even if they shift to solar system the cost is reduced to 2B a year + maintenance of solar system and train.And since govt has decided to pay only rs 5.68 billion as a subsidy, Orange line train will most probably not run at its full capacity

      • 25M for 24 hours?
        Areeb have you ever visited the track means Ali town to Dera gujjran? Do you know how much time you have to waste along with your money?
        Everyone can’t afford to have a vehicle for his daily commute, and this 27km joins the Lhr from east to west. Obviously Govt. needs to give subsidies for this type of projects because it’s a necessity.
        On the contrary Govt. is introducing EV policies and the established EV is white elephant, moreover EV’s maintenance are approximately 90 to 95% less as compared to gasoline. And Govt. can also lease out this project.

    • Everybody talking about 250000 people who will be benefitted on daily basis. However, while talking about expenditure it is always calculated on yearly basis . My humble request is to calculate the number of people who would travel by this train on annual basis. The figure comes to 7.5 million on monthly basis and 90 million on yearly basis. I would also suggest that all those making comments in favor or against this mega project must spare some precious time to have a ride on this train. I am sure the difference between this train and other modes of travel will be ascertained with a positive note. May Allah swt bless our beloved country with His bounties for times to come.

  • To negatives
    more than 10 India cities are building subways
    so explain why 10 million population Lahore don’t deserve a subway160 million Pakistan don’t deserve a subway

  • This guy Areeb looks like a pure youthiya, who will give you 100 inauthentic excuses not to run orange train but will give you 1000 illogical good reasons for the flop BRT.

    • LOL, I’m only countering your arguments with facts. Atleast I’m not resorting to personal attacks like you.
      and FYI i do not support any political party

  • With reference to report annually 3.6 billion revenue will be generated at a fare of 40 rupees and fund reserved or allocated are approx 5.6 billion so it is required to enhance it’s capacity and also timing for the fulfilment of Budget

  • This is an excellent project for the people of Lahore, given by the visionary leader Mian Shahbaz Shareef. This will beautify the face of Lahore as a modern city. Thanks to China and all those who initiated this land mark Project that will solve transport problem & facilitate ordinary public…

  • Buzdar sb and Imran sb. Plz is project ko aur ziyada expend krain, is ko wahga border and Jo gurdawara banaya hai wahan tak aur nankana sb. tak ly KR Jain ziyada revenew aayega

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