Lahoris Can Now Transfer Vehicles Online

Car owners can now register their vehicles online via the ePay application as the transfer process of vehicles has been upgraded under the new policy introduced by the Lahore Excise Department.

The new policy allows the submission of the transfer fee with biometric verification.

In the first phase of this policy, after online payment, vehicle ownership will be transferred to the buyer after approval from Motor Registration Authority. Moreover, there will be no need to submit the registration book or the excise file for the transfer procedure.

The second phase involves the neuro-registration file system being placed online to allow citizens to register their vehicles remotely.

Director General (DG) Excise Rizwan Sherwani said that the biometric payments for the transfer of vehicles, including motorcycles, will be made online, and the registration cards will be sent to the applicants’ houses after a week.

He also stated that 127 vehicles were transferred after an online trial on Tuesday, and added that all the information about the biometric verification is provided on the Excise and Taxation website to facilitate citizens with the transfer of their vehicles.