Chairman PAC Claims PSO’s Petrol is Bad For Cars

Chairman Public Accounts Committee (PAC) Noor Alam Khan lashed out at Petroleum Secretary Ali Raza Bhutta while chairing a meeting, saying that Pakistan State Oil’s (PSO) petrol is substandard compared to other companies.

“After refueling with PSO petrol, the car gets dizzy.”, claimed the Chairman, adding that PSO’s petrol makes car engines choke. He directed the Secretary to improve PSO’s fuel quality.

He further ordered the Secretary to reduce fuel prices “for God’s sake” and provide relief to the public as oil has become cheaper in the international market.

The committee also deliberated over the Tosha Khana issue and demanded that the Auditor General provide all records of auctioned goods in the last four years. Noor Alam Khan remarked that a record of sold goods should be provided immediately.

In addition, the committee ordered the Ministry of Petroleum to immediately restore the gas supply and reduce the salaries of the Heads of gas companies. According to the Chairman, the senior officials of gas companies are getting paid a monthly salary of Rs. 700,000.

Chairman Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) also participated in the meeting through a video link as he is suffering from COVID-19. He told the committee that he is self-isolating and would visit the office as soon as his health improves.