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Audi E-Tron Gets a Whopping Rs. 20 Million Price Cut in Pakistan

Audi Premier Motors debuted the new E-Tron in Pakistan in 2020. The completely built-up (CBU) luxury electric vehicle (EV) is available in an SUV and a Sportback version.

Like its completely built-up (CBU) counterparts, E-Tron fell prey to the depreciating local currency, rising taxes, and shipping costs two months ago, which have led to a price hike of up to Rs. 25 million.

In promising news for a small niche of buyers, Audi has reduced the prices of the E-Tron by up to almost Rs. 20 million.

Effective immediately, the new price of the E-Tron is:

Models Old Price (Rs.) Revised Price (Rs.) Difference (Rs.)
E-Tron 50 32,450,000 22,300,000 10,150,000
E-Tron SB 38,000,000 24,850,000 13,150,000
E-Tron GT 48,325,000 34,500,000 13,825,000
RS E-Tron GT 68,000,000 48,500,000 19,500,000

Luxury EVs are gradually catching on among the big city dwellers across Pakistan with E-Tron being at the top of the food chain. Considering its features, looks, and performance, Audi E-Tron is a credible threat to petrol or diesel fuel-powered high-end cars that are almost twice its price.

For most people in Pakistan, Audi E-Tron is an unobtainable commodity even after the price cut. However, for people with enough purchasing power, it is a great addition to their 5-to-8 car garage.

  • It is indeed a good news at least who can afford must play their part to reduce the carbon footprint as well as fuel consumption that case losses to national exchequer although it’s negligible.

  • Pakistan must be a case study for students where standard of life has so much disparity, country rulers r always begging all the time to everyone and standard of living of people is surprising as reflected in etron prices. What a shame for us as Pakistanis, really so sad people r dying for food and basics and price of car r sky rocketing and people r having wealth from unlawful means that’s it doesn’t matter to them.

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