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PTIB Collects Rs. 500 Million in 2 Years Through Special Number Plate e-Auction

Punjab Information Technology Board (PITB) and Punjab Excise and Taxation Department have enrolled over 260,000 applicants to secure special car numbers through the e-Auction App and Web Portal in the last two years.

PITB Chairman, Faisal Yousaf, revealed this information during a progress review meeting at Arfa Software Technology Park.

The presentation also revealed that more than 174,000 applications have been granted, with around 120,000 vehicle numbers sold under the scheme to date.

Yousaf stated that the system has also been linked to e-Pay Punjab for fee payment and that the department has, so far, collected more than Rs. 550 million through this e-auction.

He highlighted that the e-auction app and web portal enable consumers to secure appealing automobile numbers online from the comfort of their own homes.

The system comprises auctions for automobiles, motorbikes, and commercial vehicle license plates. The system also displays information about successful bidders.

Through this channel, PITB has been able to add more vehicles to its database and generate more revenue.