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Afghani Supercar Was Made From Remnants of War: CEO ENTOP

The famed Afghani supercar is becoming a sensation on the internet, prompting an investigation from various enthusiasts and media outlets.

In his recent discussion with Al-Jazeera, CEO of ENTOP Auto Design Company Muhammad Reza Ahmadi said that the Mada 9 sportscar has been made from the remnants of war. He added that the design of this car is a composition of various scrap materials left behind after the Exodus of US and NATO Forces.

Ahmadi stated:

After the withdrawal of the foreign forces, there was no need for their scraps. The iron and the foam, which have been use in the making of this design were all from the scraps. So I can say that by using the scraps and the remnants of war, we created this design.

The report adds that the company used the remains of all-terrain vehicles, as well as pieces of generators, fridges, and helicopters.

Other Details

The company’s recent video on social media shows Mada 9’s beating heart — a Toyota-sourced 4-cylinder engine. While the exact details are unknown, the engine in the video looks like Toyota’s 1.8-liter 4-cylinder 1ZZ-FE unit.

Given that it is a Toyota product, 1ZZ-FE’s reliability is legendary. Without a turbo or a supercharger, 1ZZ-FE can make up to 132 horsepower (hp) and 171 Newton meters (Nm) of torque. With Toyota’s factory-fitted supercharger, it can make over 170 hp.

It is the same engine that Toyota used in the 2005-11 (E140) Corolla Altis 1.8. Interestingly, a famous British sportscar maker, Lotus, also used the same engine in its Elise model from 2001 to 2011.

Other than that, the car has a tubular frame chassis, an F1-style pushrod suspension, and a mid-engine layout — where the engine sits behind the driver.

While an ambitious project, Mada 9 earned Afghanistan a lot of praise from various nationalities and entrepreneurs.