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Hyundai Unveils an Electric Car Charging Robot [Video]

Carmakers are working on various solutions for electric vehicle (EV) owners in terms of charging. Hyundai and Kia are looking to demonstrate Automatic Charging Robot (AC)R, the latest automated charging technology, in Seoul this month.

ACR has been designed to work “regardless of charger location, weather, and potential obstacles,”. It’s a waterproof and dustproof (IP65) robot that uses a stationary safety pole with a built-in laser sensor in the ground nearby to warn it of stationary or moving obstacles.

According to details, the ACR communicates with the car to open the charging port door, which must be self-opening. The wheeled ACR then approaches the car and uses a 3D-camera-based artificial intelligence algorithm to locate the charging plug and connect the cable. The robot arm retracts when the EV charges up.

Hyundai released a real-world ACR video recently, as opposed to a computer-generated video of the robot’s potential in July 2022. Hyundai Motor Group’s Robotics Lab head Dong Jin Hyun said the ACR can help “people with mobility barriers, as charging cables become thicker and heavier to enable high-speed charging.”

The details of this technology’s arrival are still sparse. However, given that a real-world example has already been developed, it is likely that the ACR will launch soon for public use.