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Pakistani Startup to Launch an Electric Bike With Swappable Battery

Electric bikes are gradually catching on in Pakistan amid soaring inflation and fuel price hikes. New startups are also making efforts to diversify and capitalize on the burgeoning demand.

Recently, a startup named ZYP Technologies became viral on social media. According to the company’s official website, it is working on a new electric bike. Dubbed Magvus, this bike is Pakistan’s first EV with a swappable battery.

The photos show that Magvus is derived from the Road Prince Wego, a popular Chinese 150cc bike. According to the company, the bike has the following features:

  • IP67 Waterproof motor
  • Lithium Battery designed to serve 5+ years
  • 120km economy mode range
  • 100km/h top speed
  • 0-60km/h in 6 seconds

The company is also working on developing battery swap stations. According to Horsepower Pakistan, these stations will be able to swap a battery in less than two minutes. This concept serves as a ‘fuel station’ for bikes and has been in practice in India and other countries for a long time.

Information about Magvus’ launch and price is currently unknown. Although, with the bike almost production-ready, its launch will likely happen soon.

  • In my view the cost of this bike will be so high that only rich person who can already afford patrol no matters 300rupees/liters in their SUV…..can buy.

    • The price would be around 5-6 lac.
      q. Any reasonably prices electric bike will return its cost compared to petrol bike in less than 3 years. Instead of companies go for individuals such as ustad javed, Mangi tech, electric world, muhammad muneeb anwar. These are youtube channels and they sell custom parts motor battery etc. For battery. barqbox gives 10 years warranty ( also has a lums power system professor on board ).

  • For Lithium Ion batteries 5 years life is very low as minimum they should last 10 years

    • No, there is no battery 🔋 in any bike of the world countries that they serves as for 10 years. Although research is continue for better back up and life if the battery 🔋..

    • search for barqbox. they offer 10 years warranty. they have a lums power system professor in the team so I think they know what they are doing.
      they make battery packs for EV and solar on demand.

  • Instant to high power bike should be low and economical for common people affordable.

  • What is expected price, already all electric bikes in Pakistan touching 3 lacs and above.
    Which is out of reach for a common citizen.

    • Atleast 5 lac. Cost of 3kwh battery is 2.5 lac with 5 years warranty i.e. new battery. 3kw motor for 100kmph + speed with controller is around 1.5 lac. so at almost no profit the cost becomes 4 lac. ( prices from starsolar and youtube/electricworld)

  • The best feature is the swappable battery and top speed these are essential feature so that we can use 1 battery today and charge 2nd battery today from solar for tomorrow’s use.

    • Please for buying pakistan sale service parts easily available then this product make their own market fruitfully

  • Depend on your price i would love to buy
    But depend on price plz see to it before lounch the bike

  • Itz a good idea that we can use 1 battery today and can charge Another one today from solar for tomorrow use. V.gud idea….

  • What if company re-appoint old fuel bikes conversion into electric. In this way company’s sales may lead some big business goodwil

  • ok Masahallah it’s a start to have our own auto manufacturers of vehicles in Pakistan

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