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National Highways and Motorway Police Announces Up to 900% Increase in Traffic Fines

The National Highways and Motorway Police (NHMP) has formally announced up to 900 percent increase in fines related to traffic violations.

This revision is reported to take effect from 1 October 2023. As part of its public awareness initiative, NHMP is currently sharing this information through various communication channels, including social media.

Details of the revised fines are as follows:

S. No. Code Violation Existing Fine Amount Revised Fine Amount Percentage Increase (%)
1 B-20 Exceeding speed limits Rs.750 Rs.2500 233.33
2 B-24 Overtaking where prohibited Rs.300 Rs.1500 400
3 B-25 Failure to yield the right of way to other vehicles Rs.300 Rs.1000 233.33
4 B-26 Interfering with an emergency vehicle Rs.500 Rs.5000 900
5 B-28 Driving at night without proper light Rs.1000 Rs.5000 400
6 B-29 Driving on the wrong side of the road Rs.500 Rs.2500 400
7 B-30 Disobeying stop sign Rs.500 Rs.3000 500
8 B-32 Following too closely or cutting in too sharply Rs.300 Rs.1000 233.33
9 B-33 Driving with the rear screen covered i. Partially ii. Fully Rs.150 and Rs.300 Rs.750 400 (avg for both)
10 B-34 Jumping traffic queue Rs.500 Rs.1000 100
11 B-37 Using turn indicator for any purpose other than those prescribed Rs.300 Rs.750 150
12 B-40 Failure to observe lightening hours Rs.500 Rs.1000 100
13 B-41 Obstructing Traffic Rs.500 Rs.2000 300
14 B-42 Failure to Observe slow sign Rs.200 Rs.2000 900
15 B-45 Prohibited lane changing Rs.200 Rs.1000 400
16 B-49 Careless Driving Rs.300 Rs.1500 400
17 B-50 Driving without a Driving License Rs.750 Rs.5000 566.67
18 B-51 Driving Un-Registered Vehicle Rs.500 Rs.2000 300
19 B-54 Opening doors dangerously Rs.200 Rs.1000 400
20 B-55 Improper turn (turn from the wrong lane) Rs.300 Rs.2500 733.33
21 B-56 Improper Lane Usage (Lane Straddling) Rs.200 Rs.1000 400
22 B-57 Driving vehicle emitting smoke, visible vapors, grit, sparks, ashes or oily substance Rs.500 Rs.1250 150
23 B-59 Driving a vehicle producing unduly harsh, shrill, loud, or alarming noise Rs.300 Rs.1000 233.33
24 B-60 Improper U-turn Rs.300 Rs.1000 233.33
25 B-72 Parking on a bridge Rs.300 Rs.750 150
26 B-61a Use any kind of Phone/tablet/handheld device while driving New insertion Rs.500 N/A
27 B-61b Driving a vehicle without fastening a seat belt or traveling in a vehicle without fastening a seat belt New insertion Rs.1500 N/A
28 B-61d Driving a road vehicle without side mirrors or with bad mirrors New insertion Rs.500 N/A
29 B-61i Installation of unlawful Police Light Mimic LEA New insertion Rs.5000 N/A
30 B-61j Fancy Number Plates / Unreadable to machine New insertion Rs.1000 N/A
31 B-61k Use of HID (High-Intensity Discharge) Lights to disrupt other driver’s vision New insertion Rs.2000 N/A
32 B-61m Evading of law by improvised tinting of glasses New insertion Rs.1000 N/A


Update on Toll Tax Adjustments

In related news, the toll tax for the Lahore-Islamabad (M2) motorway was adjusted last month, seeing a 10 percent increment.

This adjustment was in line with the 20-year agreement made between the National Highway Authority (NHA) and MS/More, an affiliate of the Frontier Works Organization (FWO), established in 2014.

  • This is indeed a great news. Use of Phone while driving, HID or high beam fine should be minimum 3000. But so far motorway police not very active even I almost regularly saw people driving more than 150 on first lane and despite the speed cameras police never stops them. And most of overspending vehicles are with green registration plates.

  • Increase it more for luxury cars. They are over speeding most of the time. Also Army officers don’t pay fines as they call Military police (MP) and then threaten Motorway police. Make a law that will be applicable to Army officers as well.

  • 750 for over speeding was nothing, i Got Two Challans on same journey! but now i will take care doing over speeding.

  • Every one is trying to loot people and make money. It’s a race keep it up NHMP, many times police is interested in challan rather than required actions. If you are taking so much money automate your set-up also to reduce mishandling of incidents.

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