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Tesla ‘Fixes’ Cybertruck’s Faulty Pedals With Just a Few Nuts and Bolts

Tesla has “fixed” the pedal issue of its Cybertruck with a few nuts and bolts (rivets) following the widespread recall of its electric pickup truck after people complained that the accelerator pedals keep getting stuck wide open. The recall came after a viral video demonstrated how the pedal pad could slip off and cause uncontrollable acceleration due to an unapproved change in the installation process.

The Cybertruck’s accelerator pedals are made with rubber and metal covers, commonly used to enhance aesthetics and provide a textured surface for better grip. However, an unauthorized alteration in the installation procedure resulted in many pads not being securely attached to the pedal. During instances of hard acceleration, the loose cover could become lodged in the footwell trim, leading to unintended acceleration.

In response to the safety issue, Tesla has temporarily halted deliveries and initiated a recall for all Cybertruck models. The recall involves installing a rivet to securely fasten the pedal pad and prevent it from slipping off. A video from a Tesla event in California demonstrates the riveting process, showcasing how it addresses the issue.

Tesla’s workers utilize a drilling jig to create a hole in the pedal as specified and then install the rivet to secure the pad. The procedure also includes measuring the distance between the pad and the pedal backing, with replacements required if certain criteria are not met. After completion, thorough inspection and cleanup are conducted to ensure the vehicle’s safety.

While the recall fix aims to address the safety concern, some Cybertruck owners have expressed disappointment, especially considering the vehicle’s premium price tag. Despite the recall, people are enjoying taking a dig at Tesla’s embarrassing recall on various online forums and social media platforms.

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