Warid Quietly Takes Back 60 Paisa Package?

Warid has apparently taken back its latest package called 60 Paisa, that allowed Rs. 1.20 per 1 min calls from 9 AM to 5 PM, as it is removed from their website – though we didn’t get official viewpoint on this as of now.

By the way this package was introduced to beat Mobilink’s 68 Paisa and Zong’s 65 Paisa Packages.

Clearly, Warid is diving towards a different policy – we can’t sense the direction as of now (or we don’t want to public it yet or may be most of you already know), but this is not what Warid was famous for.

By the way Warid recently changed its Card Validity periods, by limiting Rs. 100 card remaining valid for 30 days only.

Thanks to Chand and Athar for notifying us about this

Update: Package details are again available on Warid Website – So this package is still intact

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  • Warid Tel , is quite unclear about the strategy to retain its users . When Telco’s in Pakistan are mostly competing on the price than what more one could offer?
    Warid definetly needs to redefine itself.

    One Failure Fact :- Warid’s initial failure was due to its top management which was from the BCCI ( One of the world largest bank in 80’s , got defunct in 1991 ) . The same old school of thought which sank BCCI.

    Now may be shareholding of Singtel may improve them.

  • A Clear strategic plan is the need of the hour specially when general economic conditions are bad. I believe if Warid is unavaialable to do so it will be heading for trouble.

  • Everyone is amazed how quietly and precisely Mobile Companies take their offers back…
    And even more amazing is the fact that how accurately “Propakistani.com” follows the same suite, yes I am referring to “Win Free Balance” draw offer which was first deferred to April 26 from 19 and then totally removed. Reasons?…Unknown.”Tumhain yaad ho k na yaad ho, hamein sab kuch yad hai zara zara”.
    Unfortunately we (the readers, valuable customers) can’t go anywhere, not even to PTA, can we???
    Should we expect “New Long lasting offer” or keep waiting?
    Share your thoughts as of now.

  • Asalam U Alaikum
    Dear Brother
    I confirmed from 321 and he that 60 Paisa Package is still available for warid customers

  • Asalam U Alaikum
    Dear Brother
    I confirmed from 321 and he told me that 60 Paisa Package is still available for warid customers

  • The package is still there and has not been taken back. It may have been removed from the scene only to hide low cost package from customers. Warid has a lot of packages and they call every offer a package. They should print all the packages in the Tariff Guide and post on the web too!

  • Well Gentlemen: I just confirmed from Warid helpline and they say the package is still on

  • Warid’s weakness is its marketing. they cant give a clear message to their customers and new ones. even their CSR’s are often confused when asked about their new packages. Even though in most of the scenarios their packagees are far better but still lack of awareness is putiing them on the downtrack.How long it has been that somebady has seen a decent add from Warid or even seen an add?
    Ans:Since ages!!!

  • warid k pakages theek sy samajh nahi arahay plz is ko thek karain or tarteeb say pakage plan batain k is mai wari to warid normal charches kya hain or other networks par kya chages hain or pori sequence mai deatail dain glow or degar pakages kay

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