Is Entrepreneurship Real or Just a Buzz Word in Pakistan? [Video Blog]

In this edition of the Kamyabi video blog series, Madiha Hamid and Amer Qureshi discuss a question that’s pretty common these days. Is entrepreneurship just a buzzword or the start of something real in Pakistan?

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Madiha Hamid is a digital marketing consultant, trainer and master mentor Startup Cup

Amer Qureshi is a business adviser, leadership expert, trainer, author and chartered accountant. He tweets at @amerq_qct 

  • Lol when you hear stories about corruption of billions in news daily this idea makes no sense in Pakistan. If you aren’t corrupt here you cant do anything.

    • Corruption is everywhere….India China USA

      But too less or almost nonexistent in Europe…I guess Corruption has mainly to do with standards of living…rich nations like Denmark have almost all people with high living standards so they dont feel like taking bribes

      The same goes for our neighbour Singapore wwhich is a ultra rich nation

    • True, but who is going to stop the strain of corruption. One of the generations has to take that on. I suggest we start now. Let’s have some of us enter politics so we can pave the way for the future generation.

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