Honda Civic 2016 Comes with Pathetic Build Quality in Pakistan

A few days ago, Honda unveiled its 10th generation Civic for Pakistan. The Civic 2016 model received a lot of applause for the great new design and lots of internal improvements. But unfortunately, as reports are suggesting, Honda has made a mess of it and allegedly the car is of a sub-par quality and below-standard build.

Many people have shared how their new Civic looks like and criticized how the manufacturer bypassed all Quality Assurance standards in a hurry in order to make the car available at launch.

If pictures shared by users on internet are to be believed then the build quality is worse than you can imagine and it’s unbelievable to see a brand new car with such issues.

Honda spent months readying these few cars and yet they didn’t have the time to adequately weld and paint the car parts?

In the pictures below, you can clearly see the welds and non-metallic paint of a slightly different shade. In one of the pictures you can see misalignment of the body parts like the bumper.

Is this really a car which went through QA before being shipped to customers?










civic 2016 back


civic interior

civic 2016 interior

civic 2016 front

Several people have shared a lot pictures in resentment on both, Facebook and Twitter. Honda Civic 2016 is much more expensive than any other Civic car ever before.

It sells for nearly 30 lacs. Had it been a budget car, even then you couldn’t explain it away. But when you compare this Civic with an international Civic, all you get is an underpowered, sub-standard car which costs 30-40% more than what it costs in the international market.

Pakistani car manufacturers have really crossed all lines this time. If Honda couldn’t produce the cars in time, they should have imported the first batch from some other country, like they used to.

The trio, Suzuki, Honda and Toyota are known for producing below-par vehicles compared to their international variants but this is off the charts. It’s time the people get some more competitors in the market since the current automobile manufacturers are just ripping us off by overpricing cars which are built without any QA and come with poor build quality.

You won’t be safe if you go Toyota either. Similar problems have been reported with Corolla 2016 so it’s a general trend. They want to make as much money as possible before some other automakers enter the market. Our advice would be get an imported car or wait until some other manufacturer starts selling cars in Pakistan. The current three manufacturers are just a waste of money.

Images Source: Facebook1, Facebook2, PakWheels

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    • When you pay in excess of 30 lakh for a new car, you expect pure quality. None of the cheaper builds from Suzuki ever had these much defects in the budget cars assembled in Pakistan.
      Pre-orders for next year Civic model will definitely drop by more than 50 percent.

  • Kya bakwas hai 3 milloin ki gari aur mehran se be gai guxzri.. Iss se to faw ki v2 1 million ki achi bani hui hai

  • People who buy these cars despite poor quality and huge amount are more responsible.

  • The last picture is of an open hood. Nothing wrong with it. It was just an error made by pakwheels editorial team.

    • Agreed that the hood is open. But that is not the point here. The gaps are not equal when the hood is open. A Quality issue.

  • just plain pathetic. and seriously people are lining up for this ? consumer courts should be brought into the play.

  • It’s not Honda. It’s Pakistan assembly and those who do it.
    Though, it’s surprising there is no quality check on it from Honda Japan.

  • Dumb politicians are not the problem it is the dumb people who vote for them same applies for this situation.

  • ONLY and Better solution is to file a case in consumer court…by getting legal support they will get hefty amount in return…if i had one i would definitely do this…

  • lols at the tweet mentioning Talat Hussain as Rare honest Journalist.,. the person who worked in almost all the famous TV Channels :)

  • guys.. may be iits “Live Demo Unit” to be presented on the Launch and the cars handed over to customers are Properly QC Passed? even then this cant be expected from a “*Car Manufacturer” its not Tata Nano to be sold in 1 Lac Rupess

  • I read few articles on
    net and thought that bad quality is simply a social media hype. So I decided to
    go inspect the vehicle personally. Guys this car is sheer disappointment.
    Quality is pathetic, both internally and externally. Honda, you could have done
    a lot better but :(

  • let me write it point by point
    we never get the same specs car which is released in US or in the
    international market. We always get a stripped down version – be it a
    corolla or audi. So, having no trunk insuation or led lights etc is not a
    big deal.
    2-door welding issue pointed out in pics is
    even in the US version. Many manufacturers use 2 panels for single door
    instead of a uni-panel since using a single panel is costly.
    dirty door welding is only in 4/10 models displayed all across
    pakistan. I didn’t find this when i visited honda point in lahore
    leather and improper fitting issue as pointed in the pictures is again
    only found in 2/10 display models. Again I didn’t see them when I
    visited the showroom and I visited it 2 times.
    last bonnet pic is so shit that no one even bothered to actually
    authenticate it. Even Pakwheels blog is using it like that. The bonnet
    is actually open in the pic used all over. Here is a pic of closed
    bonnet. Do you see any spacing issue as pointed in the pic?

    • Aur US main is gadai k qeemat Rs 20 lacs k qareeb hai…….jab banda zyada paisai deta hai tu phir yeh cheezai matter karti hain… se acha to yeh k log use japanees gadai kharai…..hum 4 saal se 2007 axio istimal kartaai la jawab gadai hai…main us gadai ko naye toyota gli se behtar samjta ho…..

      • dont’ compare any US car model price with Pakistani model price. Because there are a lot of factors involved like taxes etc. Even Grande 2399 price is not justified due to its bad build quality and having no features like VSA etc as standard. Is hisaab se Civic ki 1 lakh price extra hai and it is indeed offering more features not to mention a killer design

        • Aap k baat bilkul teak hai sara gunah hukamat k hai k pehlai wo zyada tax letai hain assemblers dawa kartai hain k aik gadai main 35% tax hota hain magar hukumat k yeh bhi nakami hai k wo in assemblers k liyai koi standrads b nahe banati jis k waja se quality kharab hain… k quality hamesha s Pakistan main Toyota se achi rahe…..main sab s bara zimadar hukumat ko samjta ho akhir main customers he nuqsan utatai han…na hukumat ko koi nuqsan hain na companies ko

  • I am sure if we take magnufied pictures of this much zoom of any Japanese car , I can get the same loop holes from some corners. It’s a mass pro thing , not a lab equipment.
    For sure comparing US made vehicle , has superior interior comparatively. It’s ridiculous to compare it with IMPORTED civic.
    I think it’s a sick comparison baked by company rivals to divert new buyers.

  • Corruption side effects ……There is no car in the Pakistan which provides Best Bang for your bucks. Pakistan car companies do the trash build and slams the highest price tag like it’s made from jewels or precious metal.

  • im actually more amazed as no one is mentioning or giving a shit about the 1.5 turbo’s requirement of hi-oc fuel only.

  • Let me explain it, jb ap bahar countries sy car buy krty ho to us pr achi khasi duty tax lagta ha. us car ko damage kr do thora bht. to us sy duty kam lagti ha. then pakistan me la kr usy re build kr do :p

  • This is a perfect example of a bad governance in Pakistan. Had the rulers of this country performed their duties well, this could not be the case. These manufacturers make billions this way, offer high kick backs and enjoy big money, making fool of Pakistani people. Please join hands condemning such ill practices and sey no to Honda Pakistan.

  • I was also planning to buy civic 2016 as i saw much of videos and review of its international version. Thanks to ALMIGHTY keeping in view our Pakis i didnt get it pre booked. Seeing these pics i can confidently say that is 3M ki gari se 6K ke q mobile ki built quality behtar hai

  • Seems Honda Pakistan has no Quality Control Deptt. The company and Dealer network beleives the customer is always wrong. Warranty and gaurantee does not have any importance. Headlights/sealed beams have leakage problems and the dealers have only one answer. Problem has been forwarded to the company but with no response. In case if the HACPL is contacted the only answer is we are looking into it and will respond which is never done.
    Will somebody in the MOI or EDB help the customers or somebody from the judicary interfere and rescue the people from this CAR MAFIA

  • My friend was just going to buy 9th Gen and I stopped him and now I regret why I did that… also in Turbo model that pathetic screen in between the seats… trying to put Maybach in Civic ! :D

  • me as a welding inspector ,,i can tell welding is all fine in most pics, but i have seen some pics with major welding defects (pin wholes, spatters, even undercuts …and painted..) i m no toyota fan….even i own alto 2007 ..but ..i do know what i do..! seriously honda…?

  • Rather than to pay 3 million on junk car, better to go for BMW. which is much much better than local manufacturers. Despite of faults in Honday, why it is still selling ? Reason is, our bankers which gives relaxation in shape of installments. Otherwise, no one go to buy such donkeys.

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