Now You Can Get Your Computerized Driving License in 40 Minutes in Sindh

Sindh Police has officially announced the launch of a new computerized driving license system, with an aim to facilitate the citizens and deal with fake driving licenses.

With the help of the new system, driving licenses can be renewed in 15 minutes now, while procuring a new license takes only 40 minutes.

The inauguration of the process was done by Inspector General Sindh, A.D Khawaja, earlier yesterday the Driving License Office – Clifton branch.

Speaking at the inauguration, Khawaja disclosed that the system will be linked with NADRA for verification purposes and it will assist in the National Action Plan’s (NAP) implementation. He added that one-window operation will make the process less hectic for the applicants.

Detailing the issues with the old system, IG Khawaja said,

“People had to wait for a long time.” He discussed further improvements with DIG, and added that he “told [him] to make sure to set performance indicators.”

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He also added that the license database will make the job easier for the officials and the license system will be accepted in any part of the world.

According to other police officials, through the mobile application, people can stay up-to-date on their driving licenses. The applicants are also kept updated via text messages.

The mobile application is available on the Android app store.


The mobile application is divided into two sections – Services and News.

The Services section has three categories:

  1. License
    • Verification of licenses.
    • Payment of license fee.
    • Enquiry of the applications submitted.
    • History can be obtained through passport or CNIC number.
    • Driving theory details.
    • Theory test mock quiz.
  2. Traffic
    • Under the violation charges, citizens can educate themselves on violation codes and their respective fines.
  3. Complaints
    • Citizens can register any complaints, message the authority and share the application.

The News section is dedicated to providing up-to-date information regarding traffic and updates

Home delivery service is also offered, through which the applicant’s address can be verified.

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  • what about the test and does this driving license also apply to bike drivers or there is a separate license for them


  • Does they have website also to verify license?
    Why App is not available for iOS?
    Also I am unable to see what are the violation charges of mobile use?

    • Hi Mubashir, this is Info Access team the developers of App and also Driving License System of Sindh. The app is now also available for iOS users.

  • The post title “get computerized driving license in 40 minutes” seems to be misleading because you have to physically visit DL branch, get forms, stand in queues etc. This usually takes a day (or more) depending on availability of the staff, their mood and your tolerance level.

    Also, Traffic Police should update their website too – make it responsive and user friendly.

  • Kindly refrain from reporting half baked broken shit like this. spent some time trying to ignore all the unnecessary content in the app and trying to find the core benefit which is “applying” for a license and was unable to find it. Hence, a message for IG Khawaja: people only had to wait a long time before but now with this app? they can also be misguided and waste precious bandwidth to download an app which is basically just a electronic leaflet containing static information and meaningless news updates.

  • 5 precious minutes of my life wasted reading this article, the title of which is completely false.

  • The NAP (National Action Plans) Impementation, the license acceptance plans world wide are achievement of Sindh Police. Today fully automated car is a significant reality, with visibility in the Middle East Region as well. As I’m a licensee of the Karachi, Sindh about two years, would I be able to drive car a Driverless fully automated car which is in accordance UN Road Safety Standards. Some infra-structural requirements are being awaited besides clearances from reciprocal UN organisations on standards, safety, possibly UN/Governmental bilateral treaties etc., likely put us on the go for the roads with no accidents. Comments solicited.

  • me permanent licence motorcycle ke academic test me fail hogya hu jb me 42 days bad jaonga tw kiys procedure ha

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