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Car Sales in Pakistan Reach an All Time High

The stability in the economy, improvement in the security situation throughout the country and low interest and financing rates pushed up the sales of local automobile companies to record levels in the financial year of 2016-17, and reached 185,781 units.

These sales broke the record of the previous years’ numbers of 181, 145 units and also broke the six years old record of 164,650 units set in 2008-07.

The outgoing financial year is the most impressive in the history of automobile industry in Pakistan having witnessed an incredible demand for local cars by the public outpacing the production capacity of different companies.

According to the statistics of Pakistan Automotive Manufacturers Association (PAMA), the sales of locally-assembled cars are more than 4,636 units than sales of previous financial year, which showed a good pace in growth especially without any Taxi scheme of the provincial government.

These sales numbers could have been much higher if the demands of the consumers were met. Main automobile players—Indus Motor Company, Pak Suzuki and Honda Cars have hired extra staff members to run their production even in off days but they have failed to meet the demand of local market in the outgoing financial year.

The impressive sales are excluding those of imported cars in Pakistan which have also seen high demand, particularly in the small cars segments.

1300 CC and Above Cars

The segment of high-end locally produced cars drove the overall sales of passenger cars as Toyota Corolla remained the first choice of Pakistan. Its sales dropped this year due to delays in the delivery of cars and the anticipation of new model in 2018.

Out of total cars sales of 185, 781, the sales of 1300CC and Above cars stood at 93, 925 units. This shows that high-end cars have more than 50 percent share in total cars sales.

1000 CC Cars

Among mid-sized brands of passenger cars, locally assembled WagonR remained the preferred choice. The sales of WagonR are 46 percent higher in the financial year 2016-17 compared with the previous one.

It is followed by rebranded Suzuki Cultus, which was popular among public.

Below 1000 CC

The Suzuki Mehran brand is the second bestselling in Pakistan and is the only locally-manufactured car in the small cars segment in Pakistan.

The negative growth in the sales of Suzuki Bolan was seen in this financial year as this brand was part of the Punjab Apna Rozgar Scheme, which was concluded in the financial year 2015-16.

Automobile sales including Van, Jeep and Light Commercial Vehicles have seen a little drop in the local market which translated into overall industry sales to 213,118 units showing a 6 percent negative growth in numbers from previous year.

  • other companies are nowhere literally against suzuki in 1000cc and below range.. loosing such business i must say..

    • i sooo agree with that, i think it’s about time German,korean and french companies should do business in this triopoly business!

  • I am not gonna comment on car qualities offered by locals. Thats a separate issue.

    Overall so much cars on roads is an alarming situation. Since there is zero town planning or no planning beyond 3 years therefore such influx of cars will only choke roads. Every other year, we are either building bridges or underpasses but the menace is not getting controlled. We have seen in Lahore that past 20 or more years saw cutting of millions on trees plus widening of roads every now and then. End result is the same because we neither can control population, nor car demands. Every body needs his / her own car. Single houses with multiple cars. All contributing to the ever increasing traffic issues for cities like Karachi and now even Lahore after all the road developments witness daily traffic jams. Car sellers do not care, its the environment that suffers due to pollution as well as rising temperatures due to deforestation. Gone are the days when Mall Road Lahore was called “Thandie” Sarak.

    • so true, in japan itself you cannot buy a car if you don’t have your own space, people don’t generally use cars but they generally use the subway.
      The other problem is government doesn’t want to stop the car influx because they are benefiting from both road taxes and automobile taxes.

    • SO true, What Pak need is more and better projects like Metro and also to build up a proper train network. Just like any other developed country.
      Metro projects by Punjab are good initiative but that maybe too little too late. we need more projects like these to provide better connectivity for masses and all that with time management


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