FBR Changes Vehicle Transfer Rates, Non-Filers to Pay Up to Rs 300,000

The Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) has announced an increase in vehicle transfer fee for income tax filers, whereas a certain amount of transfer fee will be waived off for those who have filed their tax returns for the fiscal year 2017-18.

FBR is aiming to tighten its grip on tax evaders who haven’t filed their tax returns this year.

Vehicle Transfer Fees

The transfer fee differs for different cars and for the tax payers and non-payers.

  • Cars with engines up to 850CC – Free (filer), Rs 5,000 (non-filer)
  • Cars with engines between 851CC to 1,000CC – Rs 5,000 (filer), Rs 15,000 (non-filer)
  • Cars with engines between 1,001CC to 1,300CC – Rs 7,500 (filer), Rs 25,000 (non-filer)
  • Cars with engines between 1,301CC to 1,600CC – Rs 12,500 (filer), Rs 65,000 (non-filer)
  • Cars with engines between 1,601CC to 1,800CC – Rs 18,750 (filer), Rs 100,000 (non-filer)
  • Cars with engines between 1,801CC to 2,000CC – Rs 25,000 (filer), Rs 135,000 (non-filer)
  • Cars with engines between 2,001CC to 2,500CC – Rs 37,500 (filer), Rs 200,000 (non-filer)
  • Cars with engines between 2,501CC to 3,000CC – Rs 50,000 (filer), Rs 270,000 (non-filer)
  • Cars with engines above 3,000CC – Rs 62,500 (filer), Rs 300,000 (non-filer)

Engine Capacities and  Transfer Fees

The transfer fee waiver increases with increasing engine capacity, meaning that on a 1300 cc vehicle, the fee would be Rs. 25000 and Rs. 7500 for non-filers and tax-filers, respectively.

On the other hand, cars with lower engine capacities like 800cc can be transferred free if the buyer is a filer.

The decision to waive off the transfer fee is welcoming for those who have paid their dues as per the law, and worrisome for those who have yet to file them.

The move is expected to increase revenues for FBR as the election year draws near.

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  • Good article. Just a polite suggestion, please use Tables for data so it will be easily readable.

  • FBR is getting smarter now. This differential rate scheme should expand to other areas too. Well done.

  • FBR is getting smarter. This differential rate scheme should expand to other areas of economy too. Well done, FBR. Non-filers should shamed as much as possible.

  • FBR is getting smarter. This differential rate scheme should expand to other areas of economy too. Well done, FBR. Non-filers should be shamed as much as possible.

  • Last Monday transferred 1300 CC corolla 2014, only charged 7500 (non filer 25000) transfer FEE as i owning Active NTN. so as a filler i got this little advantage. valid but now old post

  • What about who are living out of country and want to purchases property or vehicle in Pakistan?

    • PMLN govt gave some incentive to overseas Pakistanis like POC with its benefits but this is not enough at all, other government didn’t even bother to mention overseas Pakistanis in their agenda.

    • Ap Banoge :
      Apna Bank Account Apni Property, Apna Busniess (Jo Do Number Tareqe) Se Kama Kama K Log Apne Apne Building Bana Rahe hai : Wo Q Governemtn Tax & Audit K Chakkar Main PAHSE ???

      • filer banai se bi dou number kaam nahe rokien gay. mera khayal hai loog dartai haein FBR se aur koi baat nahe hai. mainai 4 saal aik rupiya nahe kamaya lakien apna NTN bana ker fling start kerdi jis ka faida he howa hai.

      • aj ke dour mein filer ban jana hi best hai . property sale purchase pe bhi FBR ka thhapa lagta hai, wo khud marein gy to bohat bura maarein gy iss liye khud thori bohat surrender krny mein kia problem hai jb ke apka total data apka CNIC hai jis pe apki property apke bank accounts circle kerty hain iss se aagy mazeed kia acess challenge ker sakein gy STATE ki/ FBR ki

  • Guidance requested: I have sold my car one year ago but the buyer have not transferred it to his name, when I check the online vehicle registration portal it still shows in my name.. when I ask it from the buyer he says that Ok I will transfer it very soon…… but not done that yet……. Kindly advise me how should I mention that transaction in my Wealth statement while Annual Tax filing online? I got the payment though online transfer and we docmented the sale purchase agreement on Stamp paper as well.

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