Auto Sales Go Up By 41% in July

July has seen a surge of 41% in sales of locally assembled cars in July. About 19,577 units were sold.

All the major automakers including Pak Suzuki Motors, Indus Motor Company, and Honda Atlas enjoyed strong sales of their models.

Sales Growth for Major Companies

The new SUV variant BR-V, and the latest Civic helped Honda Atlas boost their sales to 4,511 units in July, a growth of 113%.

Indus Motor Company had a somewhat lesser sales growth – with a 11% bump – selling 4168 units in July.

The high-end Fortuner, which witnessed a growth of 543%, remained the company’s focus. Toyota Corolla wasn’t as popular in July since people were waiting for the new facelift model.

Pak Suzuki Motor has been one of the most successful auto companies in Pakistan due to its affordable models. Ravi’s 41%, Cultus’ 66%, and WagonR’s 77% year on year sales meant an overall 37% increase in total sales.

Heavy Vehicles

Tractor sales continued the upward trend by posting 125% growth in sales which is being attributed to lower GST, improving crop yield due to Punjab government’s Kissan Package and continuation of fertilizer subsidy.

Sindh government has granted Rs. 2 billion in the budget 2017-18 as a subsidy on tractor purchases for farmers.

Bus and truck sales exhibited a 13% increase to 792 units. 152,086 units of two and three-wheeler were sold, showing a cumulative growth of 42%.

The Contributing Factors

The main contributing factors for the growth of auto sales include better road connectivity, CPEC growth, change of regulations by National Highway Authority (NHA) for trucks, and lower financing rates.

Via Dawn

      • The loan of that Scheme is only upto 20 lac. 20 lac is not sufficient for setting up manufacturing plants.

        • 20Lac Main Ek Small Land Mill Jayega then Get NTN & STRN
          & Apply LTFF Policy after getting STRN Number you will get Huge Amount for Import of Heavy Machinery : Upto 10 Years Wo Bhi 5 to 8 % Markup K Sath

    • almost all the cars or common cars you see are assembled in pakistan and most of their parts are build in pakistan only few important things i.e engine is imported due to quality reason

      • Everything is imported only assembled in Pakistan :
        I’ve worked with Engineering & Autos Company more than 5 Years
        I KNOW Kiya Kia Import Hota hai Aur Kiya Kiya Assembled…

      • I was aware that assembly plants and some parts of cars are made in Pakistan but I’ve heard and researched and found that their are very limited Manufacturing Plants. I can’t say for sure if they are wrong but You’re probably right too Shazaib bhai.

        Their’s a positive here – Due to the current Automotive Policy I’ve heard that some companies have shown interest in setting up Manufacturing Plants in Pakistan. I hope they do this. Then Engines will be made here as well.

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