Pak Motorways Police Driving Licenses Might Soon be Valid in the UAE

Pakistan and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) are considering granting permission to use driver licenses issued by Pakistan’s Motorways Police in the UAE.

The concerned officials of the UAE and Pakistan will discuss the proposal and submit their recommendations to the respective governments in this regard.

The UAE ambassador, Hammad Obaid Ibrahimi Al Zaabi, held a meeting with Federal Minister for Communications and Postal Services Murad Saeed in which the proposal was discussed.


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The UAE ambassador lauded the government’s policies. The dignitaries agreed that a joint team of the Ministry of Communities and Motorways Police will visit the UAE to consider whether licenses issued by the Motorways Police can be applicable in the UAE.

The minister also apprised the dignitary about the Motorway Police Driving License Authority and the measures that can contribute to the innovation of the program.

The official statement also reveals that the Ministry of Communications and the officials of the UAE will work jointly to render the license issued by the Motorway Police applicable in the Emirates as well.

  • Its not possible there is huge difference in driving circumstances just consider uae is left hand drive. Also if uae will allow it will allow for limited period of time like 1 month or 60 days. Short term use of license and then apply for uae license. They must allow Pakistanis to drive in pakistan based uae license which is most needed.

  • I am confused, what does it means by motorways police driving license? I though licenses are issued by the city’s traffic police, isnt it?

  • Worst decision to allow people with Pakistani driving license to drive car in UAE. simply cant understand how UAE govt can allow such thing… Driving rules are totally opposite in both the countries…

  • Ya it’s so good decision
    Ana that person who said it’s wrong because of rules different for driving
    , I am asking from him that you know UK also have left hand drive like Pakistan, so why UAE government allow them already to drive car on there license
    Pakistan ?? Zindabad ?

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