Honda Launches Another Civic Model – the Turbo Oriel

Yesterday, Honda Pakistan launched another variant of its Honda Civic, the Turbo Oriel.

According to the information available, the car is powered by a 1.5-liter VTEC engine coupled with a CVT transmission that produces 170 hp at 5500 RPM and 220Nm of torque.

The car has a remote engine starter and has other standard features like the other high-end variants including:

  • Dual airbags,
  • Immobilizer,
  • Electric Parking Brake (EPB),
  • Auto Brake Hold (ABH),
  • and others.

Interestingly, the car, unlike the 17-inch alloy wheels on the Civic Turbo RS, has 16-inch steel wheels.

Availability & Price

As per the details, the bookings are already open and it is readily available, all you have to do is pay the sum and the car is yours on the spot.

The car has a price tag of Rs. 4,249,000. It is pertinent to point out that for optimal performance, the company has recommended that owners use Unleaded 91RON petrol for the car.

The new variant has been launched in hopes to increase Honda’s sales and potentially bring back the customers they have lost to other competitors in the past year or so.


Toyota Launches a More Affordable Variant of Fortuner in Pakistan

It is noteworthy that Toyota has done something similar recently as they launched a new affordable variant of Fortuner – the Fortuner G.

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  • The only people who are interested in turbo will get back here. Everyone else will still stick on grande etc. If anyone has used this turbo version, please share its user experience.

  • The price is still too high and i don’t think so people will appreciate it under this price tag

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