Toyota Unveils New Color Options for Corolla XLi

In a bid to boost sales, Toyota Indus Motor Company (IMC) have introduced new color schemes for its XLi variant as well as free registration.

The company, in a bid to halt the declining sales, has come up with multiple limited time offers over the last 6 months and this time, it is offering the manual variant of the XLi in three new colors. They are Super White, Graphite Grey and Silver Metallic.

As per the details, it is also offering free registration. The offer is limited time only and this time, it can only be availed by the first 200 customers –both the registration and colors. One can book their car from the nearest official 3S dealership of the company.

It is noteworthy that the company is aiming to replace the 1.3L variants of the Corolla with the all-new Yaris and another reason for such offers could be that it is hoping to clear its unsold inventories of Corolla XLi.

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  • Introduction of new colours or free registration is not the solution to boost up the sale . As IMC has raised the the rates of Toyota XLi variant by Rs .8 to .9 million which is injustice to the juinine buyers . The IMC should bring down the rates as dollar has already comes down by7to8 rupee n the last one year.

  • New Colour? are they mad, these colours are already in use to GLi and up version. new colour means other than existing colour range……. Ch**t**ye.

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