Here’s a Price Comparison of the Upcoming Toyota Yaris & Honda City

The Toyota Yaris launch has been delayed until the coronavirus pandemic is dealt with but just ahead of its launch, we have been able to find out more about its price, look and specifications.

The car will be replacing the GLi and XLi variants of the Toyota Corolla and will be going toe-to-toe with the Honda City in terms of competition. Recently, reports leaked about its expected price which can be seen below:

Variant Introductory Prices (Ex-factory Karachi)
1.3 GLI MT 2,349,000
1.3 GLI CVT 2,519,000
1.3 ATIV MT 2,449,000
1.3 ATIV CVT 2,559,000
1.5 ATIV X MT 2,649,000
1.5 ATIV X CVT 2,809,000


The Yaris will have a total of six variants with four for the 1.3L version and two for the 1.5L one. The aforementioned prices are ex-factory, meaning they don’t include the tax or freight that will be added-on when the Yaris is shipped to other parts of Pakistan.


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Lets take a look at the price difference between the upcoming Toyota Yaris and the Honda City as seen in the table below:

Variant Honda City (Ex-Lahore) Toyota Yaris (Ex-Lahore) Price Difference
1.3 Manual 2,335,000 2,383,000 48,000
1.3 Auto 2,515,000 2,553,000 38,000
1.5 Manual/ 1.3 ATIV 2,395,000 2,483,000 88,000
1.5 Auto/ 1.3 ATIV 2,565,000 2,633,000 68,000
1.5 Manual Top 2,565,000 2,683,000 118,000
1.5 Auto Top 2,725,000 2,843,000 118,000


Interestingly, it is worth mentioning that, as per some reports, the prices of the Yaris in Lahore after the addition of Tax and freight will be substantially high with roughly PKR 50,000 added to the price of this variant. This will make the Yaris more expensive than the Honda City in Lahore

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  • So this was a marketing stunt. They will get their reaction especially on the price from the public. Re-assess the price and probably increase it when they formally launch after covid 19 has settled.

    • Not in the Pakistani version. There is no cruise control or the push start (i think) as equipped in international variant

  • Wait till Honda launches the city new model. Its prices will be more than Yaris or equal. There is no charm in buying local cars until they reduce the prices. Until then used cars from the local market is the better option.

  • Wrong comparison. How you compare a price of a latest model with an outdated almost 11 year old model. By this compassion Toyota Yaris is much cheaper than Honda City. As Honda is charging an insane price for a 11 year old model and technology.

  • People should even bycott the new model of honda city and buy Yaris instead as Honda have been selling this shitty generation only in Pakistan for so many years and making money.

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