Toyota Yaris Will Bring These High-End Features in Pakistan

The local car industry and car enthusiasts are waiting for the formal launch of the Toyota Yaris a positive milestone in the current dismal sector. While the launch has been delayed slightly due to the coronavirus outbreak, the news regarding the car continues to leak out.

We have already seen what the car looks like, the colors it will be available in and the expected price. Now we might have an idea about what the car might actually have in store for us with regards to its features and other specifications. Some of the marketing documents have leaked we now know some of the biggest things.


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On the exterior it will have LED Daytime Running lights at the front and LED rearlights coupled with a LED line guide, foglamps at the front and reflectors at the back. Smart entry and a smart trunk button are also on offer.

Fortunately, it features push start rather than the traditional ignition and keyless entry to go along with this. The interior has been fitted with a 4.2 inch TFI display which will display Fuel economy record, Eco wallet record and other relevant details.

The steering wheel has been fitted with buttons that will allow you to make/receive phone calls, control the audio and Mid control buttons. The car will have multiple modes including an Eco mode and sport mode with the former helping burn fuel more efficiently and the latter increases engine speed during acceleration.


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In terms of entertainment, the car will have six speakers, 6.8 Inch capacitive touchscreen and  Bluetooth. In the power side, it will have two variants the 1.3L and 1.5L both coming in manual and automatic transmissions.

For safety it will have two airbags, a rear camera and for kids it will have ISOFIX seat. It will have traction control and hill start control as driving aids and for enhanced safety with an automatic breaking system as well as a vehicle stability control.

With these specifications, the Yaris will give the Honda City a run for the money.

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  • Still my 3M have more value of money than this car.
    Believe it or not this isn’t the Yaris being loved by “US”
    Missing a turbo charged engine.

    Alas ¡ we pakies have to spend 1 million more to get TC YARIS.
    And a further spendings for good brakes. I heard this yaris equipped with rear drum brakes…..????

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