Car Sales in Pakistan Drop to Lowest Level Since 2009

The Pakistani auto industry continues to suffer from the woes of paused production and increasing prices, with Pakistan Automotive Manufacturers Association (PAMA) recording the lowest car sales since Financial Year 2009.

PAMA reports that only 8,446 units have been sold during the month of June 2020, and an estimated additional 1000 units have been sold by the non-registered automakers in Pakistan such as Kia, FAW, United, Prince etc., resulting in a 52% year-on-year sales decline in June 2020.


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However, the report shows that the month-on-month (MoM) sales have increased quite significantly due to the relaxation in COVID-19 induced lockdowns. Reportedly, Toyota Indus Motors has observed a 199% MoM growth in sales whereas Honda Atlas Cars observed a monthly growth in sales of 514%, resulting in overall growth of 77% in car sales volume.

Still, the report shows a grim picture where the total car sales volume has been a lowly 110,583 units during the financial year 2020, resulting in the lowest sales figures since financial year (FY) 2019, with Honda Atlas Cars recording 63%, Toyota Indus recording 53% and Pak Suzuki recording 49% Year-on-Year sales decline.


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In the bike segment, however, the business has picked up significantly, with Atlas Honda alone reporting a 644% MoM growth, selling over 90,000 units in June 2020. However, the Year-on-Year (YoY) sales for Atlas Honda are still down by 22% during FY 2020, being lowest since FY 2016.

Following is a complete snapshot of the MoM and YoY sales for FY 2020 as released by PAMA:

Car Sales
Units June 2020 June 2019 YoY MoM FY20 FY19 YoY
Pak-Suzuki 3,912 9,564 -59% 9% 65,815 130,002 -49%
Toyota Indus 2,531 5,346 -53% 199% 28,378 60,993 -53%
Honda Atlas 2,003 2,558 -22% 514% 16,390 44,234 -63%
Total 8,446 17,468 -52% 77% 110,583 235,229 -53%
Bike and 3-Wheeler Sales
Units June 2020 June 2019 YoY MoM FY20 FY19 YoY
Atlas Honda 90,039 86,011 5% 644% 873,902 1,114,956 -22%
Pak-Suzuki 1,156 1,803 -36% 128% 17,301 23,352 -26%
Sazgar Engineering 2,249 1,420 58% 328% 11,643 15,845 -28%
Others 53,735 30,493 76% 115% 467,275 584,775 -20%
Total 147,179 119,727 23% 286% 1,369,941 1,738,928 -21%


With the recent price hikes subsequent to the announcement of the 2020 budget, the question mark regarding whether or not the automakers will bounce back from the recent setbacks still remains in place. However, as evident by the report, the end of the lockdown has resulted in some betterment in the sales figures. Whether or not this upward trend remains consistent, is still in question.

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    I’ll tell reason in short words here…

    Dollar price increases 5% = Car price increases 20%

    Next month dollar price remains same = Car price increases 10%

    Next month dollar price drops 10% = Car price increases 25%

    Consumer no power to buy car

    Car company cry infront of media

    Monopoly of car companies in pakistan

    Final Verdict = Car company greedy idiots

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