Pak Suzuki Announces its First Price Hike of 2021

Pak Suzuki Motor Company Limited (PSMC) has increased the prices of its bikes, starting 2021 on a sour note. The last price hike was announced back in November of 2020, whereby the prices of all bikes were bumped up by Rs. 3000.

The time around, the maximum hike is up to Rs. 4000, which is for the GS-150 base version and the GS-150 SE. As for other bikes, the price of the GR-150 went up by Rs. 3000 each, whereas no price increase has yet been announced for the GD-110 S.

The new prices will take effect from February 1, 2021 (today), and the following shall be the new prices of the bikes:

Model Old Prices (Rs.) Revised Prices (Rs.) Price Increase (Rs.)
GS-150 193,000 197,000 4,000
GS-150 SE 210,000 214,000 4,000
GR-150 287,000 290,000 3,000


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It bears mentioning that the GS-150 in both base variant and SE variant is the most popular bike in PSMC’s two-wheeler lineup. The said bike is arguably also the most popular in the 150cc bike segment of Pakistan, mostly because of its stout powertrain.

The GR-150 was launched back in December of 2017, and since then, it has always had a mixed reaction from the enthusiasts. The riders rave about the bike’s ride quality and performance, but the hefty price tag stands in the way of its popularity. The GD-110 S also suffers from the same problem.

PSMC, much like its rivals, is also know to introduce multiple price hikes citing various reasons, without improving the product lineup or quality. Whether or not this issue would have an impact on their sales remains to be seen.


  • things are so bakwas only in our country, I’m not surprised at any news anymore… We like to villianize India alot, okay they throw garbage talk towards us I admit that. but how do they take care of a common man of theirs? Let’s see an example here, suzuki alto 800cc in india costs approx 2.99 to 4.5 lakh from base to advanced model (with air conditioning), whereas alto 660cc in pakistan garbage model starts at 13 lakh (I think, didn’t get prices for awhile)… now those who would dance that dollar here is more expensive, please, there is 100rs difference, admittedly double the rate, but by that science, 800cc suzuki alto should cost around 7 to 8 lakh here… right? I REPEAT 800CC, NOT 660CC…

    Our Govt (not taking a hit at current Govt, but collectively all idiots we got so far) cut a deal with the biggest criminals of country and help them flee country, and start reaching down throats of common man to run country and start blaming previous Govts…

    • your message is very important! crystal clear figures. What a shame I can buy in 20000 saudi riyal a sports honda accord of 2008 but see the prices in Pakistan.

  • گورنمنٹ الیکٹرک بائیک کی فراوانی کرتے ھوے قیمت عام آدمی کی دسترس میں رکھے تو سوزوکی اور ھنڈا والوں کی فیکٹریاں بند ھو جائیں گی، یہ تماشا لگائے بیٹھے ہیں

  • شرم تم کو مگر آتی نہی
    ڈالر کا ریٹ کم ہو رہا ہے
    کوئی نیا ٹیکس نہی
    کوالٹی آپ کی کم ہو رہی ہے
    اور قیمت افسوس

  • You are increasing your prices in bikes specially in 150 series. But plz mke them comfortable there are lots of bugs in your bikes like seat, head light not focused head light. No guarder for safety.. modify your meter include fuel gauge and gear counter in it. You received very huge amount but we compare amount vs quality there will be a huge difference.

  • سوزوکی ھنڈا اور ٹویوٹا کی اجارہ داری ختم ھو چکی چائنہ کی زبردست گاڑیاں مارکیٹ میں موجود ھیں خریدار کا پورا دھیان چنگن ۔ کی یا۔یونائٹیڈ ۔ ایم جی ۔گاڑیوں کی طرف ھے۔ عوام بھرپور بکنگ کروا رھے ھیں

  • Afsos we are compromised at every level in Pakistan.
    Pay more and get lesser quality. This is the agenda.

  • Deemagh kharab hogya kya Suzuki walon ka price e berhatay jaa rhay hain boycott kia sab ne tou deemagh thikanay ajaye ga agar kuch months mai 7thousand price berhai hai tou features bhi behtar kro mazeed GS 150 SE ki front light behtar kro seat behtar kro wiring behtar kro Meter mai options berhao sirf price na berhai😤

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