Proton Pakistan Sold Only 1233 Cars in 2021

Proton Pakistan has only sold 1233 units in 2021, according to market insight shared by on its social media account.

The major reason behind low sales by the Malaysian automaker seems to be the lockdown imposed in Malaysia which caused a shortage of Completely Knocked Down (CKD) parts. This kept the company from making a decent number of cars in Pakistan.

Proton sold 1052 Completely Built-Up (CBU) units in Pakistan of Proton X70 and Proton Saga combined with only 181 locally manufactured vehicles.

The Malaysian newcomer has still more than a thousand pending vehicles that it has to deliver to its customers, who cannot do anything but wait for their turn.

Various netizens have commented that Proton has failed to perform in Pakistan as it can’t seem to handle market demand.

Others say that the company will soon wind up its operations as it has remained unsuccessful in establishing its name and competing with other big companies which have ruled the auto segment for years now.

Interestingly, Proton Pakistan has remained silent in the wake of price hikes, as it has yet to announce its revised car prices which also may affect its future sales, considering their previous record of delayed deliveries and production problems the company has been going through.

  • Proton should keep its price at the lowest of all the car manufacturers. Every one will turn in here and will have a big demand.

  • they used low price as a bait and collected huge money even when their plant wasn’t ready to assemble the vehicle. then shamelessly increased prices applicable to all those who made full payments & were waiting for the delivery. pathetic approach by Al-Haj they will doom with Proton just like FAW

  • I think proton manufacturer in Pakistan AlHajj Group is not trust Worthy. This is their 3rd car company in resent years. Nissan launched and they winded it up Now customer is suffering, Faw launched and winded up and now customer is suffering. How customer should believe at Al Hajj Group?
    I think there is no fault in Proton actually it is the local group who are obstacle in sale.

    • Al Hajj group needs to get smart after having wound up two well know names.

      This will effect future sales of Proton..

  • I booked PROTON X 70 in January 21 , they even took 4 lac additional money after 6 months, making total advance 9 lac ,but till now no date for delivery given,Al hajj group is a Louise group , they are going to bring bad name for a excellent product of PROTON X70 ,Al hajj group should wake up and expedite the delivery issue immediately

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