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Huawei and BAIC Partner Up to Develop New Smart Car Brand

Huawei and BAIC have collaborated on BAIC-branded cars for years. Huawei has been working on driver assistant technologies and entertainment for years, however, this alliance will now birth a dedicated car brand.

IT Home claimed that Huawei will launch a new brand from the partnership. The Chinese tech giant’s previous showrooms will sell the new brand exclusively.

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Huawei DriveONE will again take charge of technology development while BAIC will look after the mechanical aspect. The vehicle will reportedly be underpinned by the Jihu platform. It is the same vehicle platform used in Wenje and Jihu automobiles.

The Huawei Inside platform, used by a few Chinese automakers, will also feature in the jointly developed cars. HarmonyOS powers Huawei Inside, integrating smart cars, phones, and houses.

Since the car will launch in 2024, it will likely latest technology and ADAS, possibly with autonomous driving.

Huawei’s policy suggests that it will never manufacture cars. However, it will likely sell them and profit from the burgeoning smart electric car demand.

With HarmonyOS and its existing distribution network, the company plans to sell cars and phones together. It will also sell Avatr 11 in its most prestigious smartphone outlets.