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These are The 5 Prettiest Cars of 2022 in Pakistan

The attractiveness of a car — or lack thereof — is subjective. Although, for some cars, it becomes a widespread consensus.

Pakistan had an influx of new cars in the past three years. Resultantly, people have choices between various design languages. While some cars here leave a lot to be desired in terms of looks, others elicit a sense of desire among even the most casual buyers.

Although none can attain the level of beauty of an Italian exotic, here are some attractive new vehicles that are for sale in Pakistan today, such as:


The MG HS is not quite a head-turner nowadays as it is a common sight on the roads. Although, it is widely acknowledged as an attractive vehicle.

It sports subtle yet classy headlights, with projector lamps and unique DRLs that also function as indicators. A chrome trim piece wraps around the “Stardust” front grille, which houses a big MG logo in the center, adding to the SUV’s elegant look.

The SUV has a typical side profile, but the 18-inch alloy wheels, chrome side-impact strips, brushed aluminum roof rails, and a chrome strip surrounding the A, B, and C pillars all add flashiness to an otherwise smooth look.

The taillight is similar to various BMW SUVs. Those, along with sharp reflectors, dual exhausts, and a scuff-plate-like trim below make for smart rear fascia. Overall, MG HS boasts a regal look.

Honda HR-V

An underwhelming new vehicle in terms of performance and features, Honda HR-V shows that beauty doesn’t have to be overzealous.

Its front fascia is tall, and has a unique front grille, a straightened-out bonnet, and sharp headlights. The daytime running lights (DRLs) are also sleek and stylish and add to the car’s clean look.

The side is also smooth and simple. In Pakistan, HR-V gets 17″ alloy rims that are also simple, yet purposeful. The rear LED light strip that stretches across the car’s width, a forward-leaning rear windshield, and a central trim allow for an elegant look.

HR-V’s simple design and clean, yet attractive looks make it easy on the eyes.

Peugeot 2008

Where Honda HR-V embodies subtle beauty, Peugeot 2008 boasts devilish handsomeness.

It has a massive gaping maw for a front grille that is painted in chrome black, with sharp front bumpers, LED headlights, and ‘Lion’s Claw’ DRLs making for a striking front fascia.

2008’s side profile is simple, with a few sharp body creases, 17-inch alloy rims, and a contrasting D-pillar. The bold styling continues around the back with a smart tailgate design, streaked LED taillights, and a beefy rear bumper.

In most comparisons, Peugeot 2008 takes the win with its innovative design, making every other car look like a refrigerator on wheels… except the next two.

Hyundai Sonata

Hyundai has displayed impressive creativity with the design of Sonata. The vehicle is equal parts futuristic and elegant.

The overall smooth body is complemented by sharp lines, giving the car a sophisticated personality with a touch of aggression. It has a catfish-looking front fascia, courtesy of a huge front grille.

Other than that, a sharp bumper, modern-looking headlights, and spectacular DRLs that extend onto the bonnet allow for a unique look.

The sharp and harmonized lines and edges continue on the side, highlighting the executive car feel. While the alloy rim design looks a bit noisy with crisscrossed silver and black spokes, they do complement the Sonata’s complex design.

Over a year later since its launch, Sonata remains an epic head-turner.

Honda Civic

Last year, 1oth generation Honda Civic appeared in a very different list for its over-stylized look. This year, Civic has returned as one of the best-looking sedans that Pakistan has seen in a long time.

Although simple in design, Honda Civic looks like a flagship product. The front has thin and angular headlights alongside long and sharp DRLs, a sleek front grille, and a smooth and elongated bonnet that seems to be spilling over onto the front grille.

Its side profile is neat and clean, with a straight tail and an edgy silhouette that allows for a subtle, yet sporty look. The RS variant has 18-inch dark alloy rims that add to the Civic’s good looks.

The rear is also less flashy than the previous model. With a changed taillight design, a smooth rear bumper, and an extended tail, the new Civic’s rear resembles the Audi A4. Overall, the new Civic seems more mature and better looking than its ‘try-hard’ predecessor.

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