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These Are The Top 5 Ugliest Cars of 2022 in Pakistan [Pictures]

2022 has finally ended and it’s time to hurt some feelings! The last time we did this article, its reception was polarizing at best. Unfortunately for those who were unhappy with the previous article, this year’s list also includes a lot of the same cars as the previous one since they are still on sale in Pakistan.

It bears mentioning that this article draws a line between car design and styling. The ‘design’ of a car refers to its overall shape and body profile, while the ‘styling’ refers to the extra accessories and trim pieces added to further accentuate that design.

When it comes to cars, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. However, there are some cars out there that just about everyone can agree are not aesthetically pleasing.

In this article, we’ll be taking a look at five cars that are widely considered to be some of the ugliest ever made. These vehicles may have some redeeming qualities, but unfortunately, their looks aren’t one of them. Read on to find out which cars entered the hall of shame for 2022.

Honda BR-V

Although a comfortable, practical, reliable crossover, BR-V is an aesthetic mess. It has a straight bonnet, angular, aggressive headlights with LED DRLs, a signature chrome front grill, a couple of foglights, and a panel that looks like a scuff plate.

If the front profile isn’t obvious enough, the side profile will tell you that it is in fact a minivan. The forward-sloping beltline makes the vehicle look as if it is lifted from the back and slammed from the front.

The doors to the second-row seats have a kinked window design. Seemingly, while drawing the 2nd-row door sketch, the designer sneezed and messed up the line and was just too lazy to rectify it. Likewise, the rear end features a weird mixture of sharp lines, creases, and design elements.

Overall, the BR-V is essentially a basic minivan that tries very hard to be an SUV.

Toyota Yaris

Toyota Yaris’s face gives people nightmares. The headlights, front grille, and colossal bumper grille give Yaris the Grinch Smile (or the Joker’s smile, whichever you prefer). The offbeat proportions continue on the side, as the bulky side profile, pronounced ride height, and small tire size also conflict with each other.

The rear is completely different and subtle compared to the noisy front. The marginally longer and straightened-out tail, the elongated taillights, and the smooth bumper design make the rear end of the Yaris look like a baby Corolla.

The Yaris’ design team was probably at odds with each other, which resulted in this off-kilter look.

Toyota C-HR

The all-new CH-R continues its tradition of being a strangely designed vehicle. An aftermarket-accessorizer’s dream, CH-R’s styling, and design seem childish to people with a subtle taste.

The over-stylized bumpers, headlights, taillights, flared fenders, a large rear spoiler, and an SUV-coupe-like body profile take its sportiness too far. The strange and disharmonious styling makes the car look like a broken toy that was glued back together by a toddler.

Regardless, however, C-HR will be a desirable car due to its brand value, frugal fuel economy, and Toyota’s unmatched reliability.

Prince Pearl

With the strange mish-mash of smooth silhouette and sharp lines, Prince Pearl is another weird-looking car.

The front fascia features a strange grille, which is made worse by the odd-looking huge headlights and the tiny foglights below. The puffed-up side profile, the strange tail, and the short stature of the Pearl make it look like it came out of a cartoon.

Plus, the side windows near the front fall below the windshield, giving the car an off-beat overall look.

Suzuki Alto

Absolutely no thought or creativity went into the design of the Suzuki Alto. Its boxy shape, squared-off headlights, and stick-on taillights testify to Suzuki’s mission to keep its economy car as basic as possible.

Other than a kinked rear-passenger door window that obscures the view, a fat C pillar, and a rearward sloping rear windshield, Alto has no styling to speak of. Alto’s oversimplified design makes it look more like an angry toaster on wheels than a car.

Bonus Entry: BMW’s Latest Models (Except Base 3 and 5-Series)

Why BMW had to turn its classic kidney grille into a massive eyesore is beyond any car enthusiast’s understanding.

BMW continues to mock its own identity by progressively enlarging its grille on each new model. Like an overgrown snout that resembles a hog’s nose, BMW’s front end looks abnormal. The newer models such as the i-Series, 7-Series, X7, and especially the XM are ridiculed around the world for their ridiculous styling.

BMW remains among the most popular car brands due to its cutting-edge technology, strong performance, and solid build quality. A pity that they look like they’ve been designed in an asylum.

  • All the cars the writer can’t afford, maybe next time you can get run over by these cars when you’re riding your 70cc Chinese bike on the road dear ❤️

      • Yes, everyone has their opinion, only when the opinion makes sense…
        This doesn’t make sense at all, it is like of admin was paid to write all this stuff,
        Or as if he want to create a controversy by writing this article

      • Typical Pakistani Pathetic low mentality, that someone says anything negative about your car it mean he can’t afford that… What kind of idiot people are you

        • If you can’t afford something, or use it… you have no right to give your opinion. Period

          • Seriously? The reality is no matter if you can afford it or not you can have an opinion on it

          • Where it is mentioned that the article writer does not possess any of its cars? May be he possessed all of these cars or may not anyone but have used it of other people?

      • I didn’t spend 30lac on yaris, it was gifted to me by someone, and i love it… i think its a very nice compact sedan

        • Middle finger to all those; who thumb down my comment, i am sure they haven’t even ride a rick shaw in their life.

          • Enjoy giving middle finger while driving in your poorly made Yaris which has less features than a car from 1995.

            • Says the one, who sets in friends FX ; and tell them wos its a very nice car… while himself being owner of 70cc …

    • Here found someone who has inherited inferiority complexion. Just lick your below the standard cars with ugly Designs and textures which you purchase in millions. Because people like you are not even aware that what should a standard sedan actually look like.

  • The Most Ugliest Car in Pakistan is New Honda Civic followed by the others as mentioned in the article above.

    • Not really the new Honda Civic is not even close to ugly and although the previous 10th generation Honda Civic looks better than the new one doesn’t mean the new Honda Civic looks bad because it looks great

  • I reckon the admin was riding a vespa and listening to “hawa kay jhonkey aaj mosmon se rooth gae” while writing this article

  • Great job for this article.really we r suffering these ugly cars coz of multi millioners investers.other wise these companies can’t survive with these stupid models and medically unfit cars.just like was mehran Bolan and rravi still existing in making.

  • BRV is essentially a basic minivan which tries hard to be an SUV…..The writer of this article Walid Shah is basically a Khusra who tries hard to be a mard

    • Being annoyed of the phrase “..tries hard to be an SUV.” indicating (strongly) that you own BRV. 🤭

  • Corruption is the most ugly shape of cars in Pakistan, corrupt ppl never bother the doomed shape of cars, they have so much black money that ugly shapes of cars never bother them,while SBP has only $ 5.4 billion left to import more dirty looking cars for its corrupt elites.

  • Lagta waleed shah ka dimagh khrab ho gya ha. CHR most luxurious & good looking car ha Toyota ki.

  • شاہ سچ بول رھا ھے جس جس نے ان کاروں کو خرید کر حماقت کی ھے ان ان کو شاہ کا بہترین تجزیہ گٹوں پو وج رھا ھے۔

  • Personally I think CH-R is quite beautiful, and the Prince Pearl is not ugly. Proton Saga definitely deserves to be on this list though.

    • Don’t argue with these people, they are the kind of people who when set in ur car; ask you “”how much you got it for ? Its a very nice car””
      While they themselve ride 70cc

  • I agree with all the cars in this list. Especially Yaris and Pearl. Yaris is wrong in all dimensions. Its tires look small, the front is in your face and the rear is just okay.
    Pearl is designed by someone who gave the mentally challenged a pen and paper to design a car so that his mental health can be evaluated properly of how he thinks :)

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