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Rich Are Importing Ferraris and BMWs While Car and Phone Imports for All Pakistan Are Banned

Import restrictions — which were imposed to stifle the outflow of foreign exchange reserves — have ravaged several industries in Pakistan including the auto sector. However, it seems that the elite class of Pakistan is exempted from these restrictions.

Owner and CEO of WCCFTech, Abdullah Saad, recently tweeted a few images that show the list of high-end cars imported from May (when the restrictions took effect) till December 2022.

Saad’s tweets highlight that these cars have already reached Pakistani shores. Some are awaiting clearance while others have already been cleared.

Like several analysts, Saad expressed his dismay over the situation, as the restriction evidently doesn’t apply to the rich. The people also voiced their anger and disgust over this information.

In a long string of tweets, the final one shows that the imported vehicles also include two Ferrari models, each costing hundreds of thousands of dollars. Interestingly, Saad is still posting the remainder of the list.

Ferrari Imports

When asked about the source, Saad replied that the Government of Pakistan itself published this information. Note that this info is publicly available on although you’ll need to sign in to access the full lists.

Given that Pakistan’s economy is struggling to make ends meet, it is tragic to see the country’s foreign exchange wasted away on needless luxuries.

  • WE DON’T CARE! Is what the message we people get from the govt. on these issues. Will the supreme court take Suo Moto action against this criminal abuse of power? Who will show empathy for the people? Is there any institution left which wants to protect the rights of the people?

    • Don’t be that stupid to blame pdm, imran was equally doing the same with his sugar friend.
      Tum jesy log hi pehly pdm walo ky sathy hoty thy ab imran ky. Sab parties equally corrupt hain ye kehny ki jurat paida kr. Mard ka bacha ban imran ya nawaz ka nhi.

      • Or tum jesy logon ki apni koi soch e nai hoti h. Pehly ye khusron wali syasai soch chor kr koi logical point of view bnana sekh.

      • Sharifs & Bhuttos = 50 years of looting over $12 billion…
        Imran Khan = 3.5 years of legally selling a watch…
        Apne ap ko ziada hero na samjho aur practical reality ka socho.

  • I Get “Eat the rich” sentiment but in the Title, I noticed you wrote about Mobile Phone import Ban. can you please tell how many mobile phones do Pakistan import every year? Versus how many Luxury Cars do Pakistanis Import every Year. mind you I specifically mean Luxury Cars as in cars whose data is being shared in this article. please do tell how much dollars do each one of these costs to our Exchequer.
    My guess is Pakistan Imports mobile phones of around a billion dollars every year and Luxury car imports Hardly cross 20-50 Million. So how are two comparable please tell.

  • The article is totally misleading and research is not properly done. First of all the reference website in the article for verification is not of FBR, secondly around 90% of jeeps and cars are used as mentioned in description and for used cars and jeeps all are imported on gift scheme, payment is paid internationally and even for custom duty purpose the sender has to remit foreign exchange to Pakistan. Pls investigate before publishing.

    • While payments are made internationally, the gift scheme has been converted into a lucrative business and importers have been ordering hundreds of containers using this scheme. The payments they make are sent through hawala/hundi and shown as amount earned internationally. Ultimately this whole process has impact on the foreign exchange reserves of the country. Govt. has been turning a blind eye to this and must ban import of luxury items.

  • do some research before posting, lc pe restrictions mid December 2022 mein lagi thi aur ye gari Aug/ Sept ko import hui hai.

    • Kon si sasti ghaas phoonktay ho bhai??? CBU import ban Miftah Ismail k daurr se chal rha hai. He categorically said that the government will no longer prioritize luxury car imports.

      • Mifta Ismail ka ban implement nahi huwa tha, lc were opening in his tenure, ban to mid Dec mein laga hai jiski wajah se sub karobar thup para hai aur ye gari ussey pehlay aye hai, market mein rahogay to pata chaleyga, hawai firing karna chordey

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